Lunch & Learn e-Marketing Every Friday

Lunch & Learn e-Marketing Every Friday

SUMMARY: Business owners in Santa Barbara now have an opportunity to learn how to market their businesses every Friday in downtown Santa Barbara.

SANTA BARBARA, CA – September 26th, 2013 – Business owners in Santa Barbara now have an opportunity to learn how to market their businesses online every Friday at lunch. Lunch and Learn e-Marketing is a web marketing seminar presented by Taylor Reaume, founder of Search Engine Pros, a Santa Barbara marketing agency.

The meeting is aimed at small business owners wanting to learn more about online marketing and social media strategy on the web. One attendee’s web site is selected at random for a group web site review. The other attendees analyze the web site and offer objective advice.

“Lunch & Learn e-Marketing is a unique opportunity for local business owners to expand their knowledge of web marketing and learn advanced search engine optimization strategy,” said Taylor Reaume.

The event takes place every Friday 12:30pm-2pm at Verde Restaurant located at 532 State Street. Attendees pay $20 and get a lunch and one drink.

Discover valuable web marketing secrets to help you outrank your competition on Google. Bring your questions, business cards and laptop (optional). Leave with a full stomach and clarity/sanity on 2013 web strategy and web marketing options. Attendees participate in a live web site review and offer constructive feedback as part of the group. It’s educational. It’s informative. It’s delicious. Find out if your web site is winning the race to the top of Google. Open to everyone!

Topics Of Discussion include:

• Online Marketing
• SEO Article Packages
• Social Bookmarking
• Social Media Marketing
• All Inclusive SEO
• Local Search & SEO Packages
• Video Marketing
• Blog Creation
• Blog Commenting
• Blog Reviews
• Forum Posting
• Multilingual SEO
• WordPress Web Design
• Web Directory Submission
• Keyword Research
• Website Management and Marketing
• Website Marketing Strategies
• Search Engine Optimization
• SEO friendly Web Design
• Google Adwords PPC
• Press Release Distribution

About Search Engine Pros: The Search Engine Pros are a team of advanced Santa Barbara marketing professionals specializing in ethical, economical and effective search engine optimization. As seasoned web architects, they offer affordable search engine optimization and internet marketing packages that bring natural rankings in the organic search engine results. The Search Engine Pros team is comprised of an all star cast of forward thinking web professionals. They help corporations, authors, consultants and small businesses setup cutting edge websites and develop a strong presence online. Their primary business focus is generating more traffic for your web site. Come pick up invaluable tips, network with locals and learn how to increase your web site traffic!

Please call 800.605.4988 or email via our contact form at or by emailing taylor [@] prior to attending to reserve a seat/ensure we have enough room. You can also send a text message to Taylor at 805-453-9674.

IF YOU ARE A MARKETER: Fellow marketing consultants and web designers are welcome to attend this meetup group provided they agree to post a public Facebook post with a link to our meetup page on the day of the event.

SEO Campaign Management: 5 Tips From The SEO Expert

SEO Campaign Management: 5 tips from the SEO expert

Competent SEO Campaign Management is a necessity in light of the rising popularity of the World Wide Web – and it is to the point now where search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for any business making money from the web. If you want to compete in the growing and competitive world of online marketing, you are going to have spread the word about your website and make sure that potential clients can find your website. And the best way to do this is by becoming an SEO expert so that search engines can better pick up your pages.

The process of creating several web pages that are all focused around the same (or similar) group of keywords is called an SEO campaign, and it takes a qualified seo campaign management specialist to oversee and execute such a complex process. So we can better understand the job of SEO campaign management, let’s take a look at some of the things that a qualified SEO expert does.

#1 The number one job of an adept SEO expert is to monitor internet trends, and more specifically, exactly what words are being searched for on the popular search engines. Many search engine sites offer up this information for all to see, some however do not. For these you may able to use some specialized software in order to monitor the keywords that are being searched for by internet users. A good SEO expert will have a firm grasp of keyword trends and be able to adapt to them before the rest of the industry.

#2 Once you have compiled a list of the most frequently searched keywords, you can begin to produce content that revolves around these keywords. Although your list of most frequently searched keywords may change every single day, you will see that some are more prominent than others.

#3 The content you produce should be somehow related to the keywords that are being used. It would seem kind of funny to users if, when searching for “gasoline prices” your article about the local zoo comes up. The effective SEO expert is effective because he or she can address these issues and make sure your website is serving relevant information.

#4 Your next job in SEO campaign management is to repeat the entire process over and over again. Because your ideal goal is to attract as many visitors to your website as possible, you will want to cover many different sets of keywords so you can maximize the amount of viewers. This is the staple of a true SEO expert.

#5 Finally, you will want to monitor the results of your search engine optimization efforts to see just how effective it really is. There are a variety of network tools that can keep track of such stats and generate a report off from the findings. Because internet marketing costs time and money, you will want to find out what ones work and what ones do not. After that, you can eliminate or change the efforts that aren’t working and expand upon those that are. An adept SEO campaign management specialist will keep a campaign dynamic and effective.

As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into being an SEO expert. It is a highly lucrative career, however, and one that is in very high demand.