23 Years of Success Stories


“Running a Santa Barbara Medical and Day Spa is time consuming even before getting to the marketing initiatives. We rely on our partners to keep us on top of the digital landscape. Highly recommended for website design, and full service web marketing strategy.

Brian Perkins


“I attended his class on SEO.. He has a knack for teaching the lay person how to use the internet to increase business. His knowledge of SEO is extensive and he is generous in sharing his knowledge with the community. I would endorse his work and know that he works with integrity, skill , creativity and is a great teacher!”

Marilyn Berman - Santa Barbara, California


“He is helping our company with SEO recommendations and is excellent at being flexible and creative in this area. I enjoy working with him because he is so knowledgeable about SEO and extremely friendly. I would recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with SEO.”

Hannah R. - Goleta, California


“For us older guys, Taylor really shows us the way to making more online sales because people are finding your website. If you want people to find you it is imperative to be on the first page of google and the other search engines. He can make that happen.”

Pat Reaume - Los Angeles, CA


“His free instructional SEO class is an outstanding opportunity for anyone to learn about the way search engines work. His explanations are clear and concise, this class is absolutely wonderful for anyone wishing to pick up on some great tips.”

Aimee Allred - Ventura, California

website-design-marketing-testimonial-Ladera Ranch elle-du-bois

“He is a recognized and award winning internship employer with the California Internship and Work Experience Association of which I am a member. Taylor has made a deliberate and intentional contribution towards student interns and toward a new model of business in general. It is so refreshing to see young entrepreneurs like Taylor stepping forward as a powerful and beneficial presence in our communities during these challenging economic times. I am so pleased that there are students who have the opportunity to learn his business model through his internship opportunities. Whether students are fortunate enough to continue with his company or move on in their career, I am confident that they will take with them his training founded on real value, authentic quality, and old-fashioned integrity. What he is doing is of great importance and I acknowledge him. Thank you for your work!”

Elle Du Bois - Ladera Ranch, California


He is a GREAT guy! He’s the man! 🙂 I’m currently working with him for some projects, and he really knows his thing!

Oki Trice - Banten, Indonesia

robin michel website testimonial

If you’re looking for website design in Santa Barbara, They have experts who are friendly and good prices, and very experienced at what they do!

Robin Michel - Santa Barbara, CA


Best Santa Barbara website marketing service. They offer all in one plans and have the experience to take your website to the top of search engines.

CL - Santa Barbara, CA

Website Marketing Website Design Testimonial Ressull Salvi

“Thanks again for all your hard work! I am now the #1 fan of him! And the top rank for my site!”

Ressull Salvi - Lake Tahoe, CA


“I went to your class. It was tremendously helpful data. As a Santa Barbara Jeweler preparing to make a better website I found the data compelling. It was presented simply and didn’t leave me in the weeds. I’ll be coming again. Thank you!”

Calla Gold - Santa Barbara, CA

Geoff Lebeau Website Marketing Website Design Testimonial

Thank you for your help with my seo and my web site. I am impressed with the low price and high quality you offer when it comes to Santa Barbara marketing services. Thank you!

Geoff Lebeau - Santa Barbara, CA


He is an exceptional leader with a thorough understanding of e-commerce. He is very capable of delivering successful results-oriented SEO, sales, marketing and online programs.

Adrian Maynard - Santa Barbara, CA


“He is THE go-to-guy when it comes to stellar SEO. He does not only do superb work on getting your site to the #1 Google-ranking, he also provides tons of great tangible tools which I can apply myself in order to increase my site’s performance. If you are looking for way to be more successful on the web, connect with him. Also don’t forget to participate in his free webinars and SEO workshops!!”

Niels J. Lameijer - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

website-design-marketing-testimonial-Santa Barbara jenn-kennedy

“I interviewed him for an article after attending several of his free seminars and learning so much valuable info. He’s an SEO guru. He knows how to get companies top ranking, how to populate social marketing outlets with quality content and how to strategically position your brand. I highly recommend working with him to any company wanting to grow their business or improve their online visibility.”

Jenn Kennedy - Santa Barbara, California


“He is a very innovative and experienced individual in a very technical and competitive field, his work ethic and poise make it easy and great to work with him. I am looking forward to working with him in the future as well.”

Joshua Boldra - Los Angeles, California


“Taylor is a well-known and respected marketing consultant in Santa Barbara. He helped me with my Google Ad campaigns, and continues to provide a consistent return for our marketing campaigns with Google and Facebook. I would recommend him to anyone struggling with growing their web site presence online. When it comes to Santa Barbara web design, marketing, and graphic design, he is your go-to guy! I have been working with him for 17 years.  He is creative, friendly, and knows how to consistently keep our company ranked in top search engine results. he has excellent customer service and specializes in WordPress which we love. Through the years he has also helped us with our logo design, blog posts, and our social media campaigns. If you are looking to hire an experienced and knowledgeable website marketing and design professional on the Central Coast, then give him a call today!”

Scott Topper - Studio City, CA


I’ve known him for a very long time and I always make sure to have a pen and paper handy whenever I talk to him. His marketing knowledge is vast, his team is very intelligent and I’ve come to rely on them for almost all of my search and social engagement.

Scott J. - Santa Monica, CA


As a professional limo driver, and executive car driver, I speak to many business owners in town. When talking about website design and marketing, Taylor’s name keeps coming up in positive recommendations. I highly recommend him if you need help with website design or website marketing.

Sammy’s Limos - Santa Barbara, CA


“Every time I meet with them I’m amazed at what simple things I can do to improve the effectiveness of my website! I recommend Taylor to help you navigate all of the search engine and social media options on the web.

Burke Franklin - Santa Barbara, California


They pushed our Santa Barbara restaurant to the top of Google and helped us get more traffic, more importantly, we are reaching the right traffic.

Dave Burkholder - Santa Barbara, CA


“He was truly a joy to work with. It seemed as if he always had “The Answer” and was always accessible. We worked in two different time zones and were able to manage our schedules around the needs of customers and musicians for estockmusic.com. I highly recommend him for employment as a manager. He stays on top of his assignments and always is looking ahead to enhance his projects.”

Gerren Clark - Atlanta, Georgia


“He puts the kind of energy into tasks that could only come from an entrepreneur. I have never seen so many great business ideas and so much productivity come out of one person. He is also a great ambassador. We’ve sent him into many complex situations with full confidence that he would put the company’s interests first and represent us well.”

Mike Bielenberg - Atlanta, GA


“I’ve known him for since 2005. His background in website optimization took his own website to top national ranking. He was bought out by a large corporation and was retained to continue his SEO work, but now on multiple national sites. His own company offers extremely well priced services to optimize websites. He is a person of high integrity and will often work nights or weekends to meet his commitments. I highly recommend his services.”

Michael Kramer - Santa Barbara, California


“I have known Taylor for over 15 years and would recommend him as a professional consultant to anyone seeking sound advice in web marketing or business development. He consistently brings positive energy and clear communication to the table and has always show a clear commitment to helping businesses find ways to succeed.”

Travis Melvin - New York, New York


“Taylor has done an excellent Job helping understand what I want to know about SEO and keeping the stuff that is beyond me to himself. I would recommend him for anyone who wants better results!”

Ryan Lynch - Santa Barbara, California


“He obviously knows his craft inside and out. He offers his services whole heartedly and without an eye one to profit. He works well with others, networking – he is a community asset!”

Gregory Lowe - Santa Barbara, California


He is a SEO expert. He has helped me with all of my websites to get them online as best as possible. If you’re looking for a Great Guy that knows his stuff and breaks it down for you, use Taylor.

Rubén Orozco - Santa Barbara, California


I do not promote what I do not mean. One of the reasons I like working with you so much is because you have so much information that you want to give away. I wish I could lay my hands upon your head and through…

Annie Crawley - Santa Barbara, CA


“I have been dropping into his classes for the last nine months. Every time I go I am always appreciative. I take away an invaluable nugget to optimize my developing website. He is inspiring and makes SEO understandable. You too can breathe life into your website!

Dr. Lynn K. Jones - Santa Barbara, CA

Coastal Hideaways Website Marketing Website Design Testimonial

As a seasoned travel agent, I recognize the need for SEO as more and more consumers book travel accommodations online. Finding vacationers online was always a struggle until I really started to learn about this SEO stuff. I have worked with different SEO companies in town, and none like Taylor’s team. He is truly a professional that stands out.”

Melissa Pierson - Santa Barbara, CA


“Search engine optimization is a lot like chess and he is the Bobby Fischer (except for the part about Iceland)”

Douglas Gillies - Santa Barbara, CA


“He is a true SEO professional. With all the “black-hat” people out there who are promising unrealistic SEO results, it is very refreshing and reassuring to have someone like him, who really knows what he is doing, diligently working on our web site and making…

Bruce Glenn - Santa Barbara, CA


“Web marketing is a big puzzle and without all the pieces, it is difficult to achieve a positive ROI. As a Vanilla product company, standing out on Google is the key success factor to sales and growth. We enjoy working with them. They are experts at online marketing and have helped us drive more customers and grow our business via Google and the web.”

Hiro Furumoto - Santa Barbara, CA


“We worked with them on our website redesign and were very happy with the results. A true all in one web team that executes on time. They came highly recommended by several close advisors. We love working heart centered firms that support good causes in the community. Highly experienced event marketers as well. He is a fabulous business adviser which deep expertise in search engine optimization in Santa Barbara and for all professional service firms. He has assisted a number of clients of mine and I highly recommend his services in SEO, Website design and digital strategy development. 

Patty DeDominic - Santa Barbara, CA


“We’ve been using them for over 2 years. Our website is no longer a toy or a play thing, but rather a powerful lead generator for our practice. When we have a problem, they explain in common sense language. They provide a full-service customized solution, rather than a boxed cookie cutter approach and immediately jump on the issues we present to them.”

Dr. Ulrike Ziegner - Santa Barbara, CA


“Other marketing firms I have worked with charge me $1,000’s for deliverables included by default in Their strategy. Compared to other web firms, they are excellent communicators, very through. Far less road blocks with this company. Excellent results!”

Jere Van Puffin - Santa Barbara, CA


“For the price of a part time employee, they offer you an entire marketing department. Web marketing is a complex world. At the price they offer, this marketing service is a powerful R.O.I. for us. Every month we continue to see growth in our law practice. They help us with a wide range of internet marketing goals, such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email Newsletters.”

Kenneth M. Hallum, Esq - Santa Barbara, CA


“They are different because they jump on every problem for you and don’t ask for money at every turn. Consistency is key. You need to fast and stay consistent every month with your marketing. They helped us redesign our site and we are already seeing great results form the new SEO optimized web code.”

Craig D. Allen - Santa Barbara, CA


“We recommend them to our entrepreneurs because they have a great track record for success here in Santa Barbara and big supporters of the environment and eco events. Taylor has spoken to our conferences many times and we always love hearing his suggestions as to how our inventors and entrepreneurs can optimize their web strategy.”

Alan Tratner - Santa Barbara, CA

Website Marketing Website Design Testimonial LoveColors

“…They offer great personalized service, and very affordable and competitive rates with 150% dedicated to the success of his clients.”

Pamela Oslie - Santa Barbara, CA

Website Marketing Website Design Testimonial Riviera

“…The result showed us how to use our web site as a tool to increase revenue rather than just as a toy or a play thing”

Riviera Allergy - Redondo Beach, CA

Curt Pickering Website Design testimonial

“…Since meeting Taylor, in less than 2 months…we’re ranked on page 1 for “Santa Barbara Sports Events” and “Santa Barbara Basketball”. I highly recommend – they’ll get you to the top!”

Curt Pickering - Santa Barbara, CA


“I will always take away new valuable knowledge from your workshops which will help my business. Many Thanks!”

Al Marcelline - Santa Barbara, CA


“At Hazelwood Allied Moving and Storage, customer care and satisfaction are our primary goals. We expect the same service from the vendors we work with to help grow our organization. That’s why we chose to work with them. With so many positive recommendations coming to us for this company, we took a chance on them, and we’re glad we did.”

Casey McCann - Santa Barbara, CA


“Working with the company has been an amazing experience. In addition, to transforming my website, their expertise, knowledge, and skill with SEO has dramatically improved my visibility and presence on the Internet. I highly recommend working with him.”

Dr. Adina McGarr - Santa Barbara, CA


“When the going gets really digital I embrace help from people who safari in the electronic wilds. Many thanks to our web guy for being like Sir Lancelot and coming to the rescue with our web site. Give electronic ecologist Taylor Reaume a call!”

Pen Densham - Hollywood, CA


Taylor helps Yost Appliance every month with the web site marketing tasks which we never have time to focus on. We found it is much better return on investment to give the tasks to a marketing agency like them. We are happy with the results and highly recommend their service!

Burt Yost - Santa Barbara, CA


“They are the best marketing company in Santa Barbara. I use them for my limo business, Sammys Limos and they are amazing at what they do. Very helpful with all areas of web marketing, not just the website design. Highly recommended!”

Samir Harb - Santa Barbara, CA

Website Marketing Website Design Testimonial Rick Grossman

I’m happy to provide positive remarks for him. As a long time, franchising expert, I realize the power of marketing. With so many consumers researching online now, we have been investing more time and focus on our internet marketing strategy.

Rick Grossman - Santa Barbara, CA


I checked out his references before I contracted him for my SEO. All of the people I spoke with said he produces key-word rich content like it’s nobody’s business. I get more strategic emails with guided, actionable steps from him than from any other source…

Sifu Slim - Santa Barbara, CA


“Taylor continue to impress. Now I’m on page 1 Google for “Life Insurance, Santa Barbara” YEAH! Steadily climbing the ranks for Long Term Care, Santa Barbara. Thank you!”

Del Hegland - Santa Barbara, CA


“…If you are a business owner who is tired of wasting money on advertising with little or no response then check out his company. He and his team of PROS will bring your business more new customers than you can handle! “

Jeremy Bodenhamer - Santa Barbara, CA


“His workshops are not only FUN but full of a wealth of information! He is truly a generous guy, and you will learn invaluable information. In addition his search engine packages are very reasonably priced should you decided not to do all this yourself! “

Deborah Nelson - Santa Barbara, CA

Website Marketing Website Design Testimonial Jim Willis

“I learned so much last night at your workshop and now look forward to, with better understanding, discussing enhancements with my web design team. Thank you for being so generous with your time and talents.”

Jim Willis - Santa Barbara, CA


“Taylor is a rare gem. He realizes the power of exceeding expectations with clients. We ordered their services and found them to be knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and results oriented. I have worked with other marketing companies before, and none can come close to the sheer volume of work they produce in short amount of time. Great output and results are worth it!

Bryan McDonald - Santa Barbara, CA

Website Marketing Website Design Testimonial CCI TEAM

“The CCI TEAM Thanks Taylor for the recent Facebook facelift!”

CCI Team - Santa Barbara, CA


“He is clearly an expert, the best I’ve ever seen in the SEO industry. His high level of customer service, and attention to details are unparalleled. Our clients appeared on the first pages of search engine results as a result of his work.”

Melissa Tierney - Santa Barbara, CA


“…after a couple months from working with these pros, my Website jumped from page 10 to page number 1! The money is not so much an issue for me as it is the results. They delivered results. My prior online marketing partner did half as much as them, and charged twice as much.”

Brandon Roberts - Irvine, CA