the effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.

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Greg AvatarGreg

Experienced Santa Barbara Marketer Taylor has been in SB a long time and does great web marketing work for his clients. Highly recommended! - 3/08/2018 

Yulia Maluta AvatarYulia Maluta

Not just a coder, Taylor does amazing graphic design work as well. He has helped me with many of my dance event flyers, and I highly recommend him! - 8/31/2016 

Sifu Slim AvatarSifu Slim

You will learn a bundle working with Taylor - he is a website marketing guru! - 9/20/2017 

Burt Yost AvatarBurt Yost

Launch 805 helps Yost Appliance every month with the web site marketing tasks which we never have time to focus on. We found it is much better return on investment to give the tasks to a marketing agency like them. We are happy with the results and highly recommend their service! - 11/12/2019 

Samir Harb AvatarSamir Harb

Launch 805 is the best marketing company in Santa Barbara. I use them for my limo business, Sammys Limos and they are amazing at what they do. Very helpful with all areas of web marketing, not just the website design. Highly recommended! - 11/12/2019 

Sarah J. AvatarSarah J.

Taylor is a total expert for when it comes to multi-touch online marketing strategy. We are very happy with our results so far! - 3/05/2018 

Eric Schwartz AvatarEric Schwartz

Search Engine Pros has helped me immeasurably with my website and marketing. We've accomplished far beyond my original goals. This is one company I can't stop referring because I'm that confident Taylor will provide all the tools to take your online presence to the next level. - 8/31/2016 

Carol Metcalf AvatarCarol Metcalf

Excellent adverting for my entertainment events. Taylor helps many other local comedians with their website marketing. Highly recommended! - 8/31/2016 

Arina Banar AvatarArina Banar

I am very grateful to you for the help! You are a total pro Taylor! - 5/12/2019 

Scott T. AvatarScott T.

Taylor got my website ranked on the 1st page of google for over a dozen high traffic keywords in less than a couple months. We are really impressed with the results! - 8/05/2019 

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