Faster, Safer And Better Ad Experiences For Consumers

Consumers have high expectations for faster, safer, and better digital experiences. This means it’s more important than ever for brands to deliver on these expectations.

At Google, we’re building new innovations to help AdWords advertisers design the best web experiences for your customers.

Speed: Improvements to click measurement

Speed matters. In fact, a one-second delay in mobile page load can decrease conversions up to 20%.1 That’s why we announced support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as landing pages in AdWords and developed new tools like the Mobile Speed Scorecard and the Impact Calculator. With just a few inputs, this tool estimates the revenue impact that can result from improving the speed of your mobile website.

Another way we’re improving mobile site speed is parallel tracking (blog | help center) — which was introduced earlier this year for advertisers using click measurement systems. How does this improve speed? After an ad click, web browsers will process click measurement requests in the background, helping people reach your site up to several seconds faster.2 This creates better user experiences, leading to more conversions and less budget spent on bounced clicks.

Starting October 30, 2018, parallel tracking will be required for all AdWords accounts. To get a jump start, you can now opt in your Search Network and Shopping campaigns. And even if you don’t intend to turn it on today, you should start talking with your click measurement providers to ensure that they are ready for this change. Doing so, ensures there’s no disruption to your click measurement system.

If you’ve confirmed that your click measurement system is already compatible, you can opt in from your account-level “Settings” page in the “Tracking” section. Learn more

Security: Focus on HTTPS

You want your customers to have a safe and secure experience, every time they engage with your website. But too many brands still use unencrypted HTTP to send users to their landing pages. That’s why Google strongly advocates that sites adopt HTTPS encryption, the industry standard for ensuring the security and integrity of data traveling between the browser and the website.

Over the last year, Chrome has marked an increasingly large set of HTTP pages as “not secure.” Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP pages as “not secure.”

To make sure your users continue to have the best possible landing page experience, we’ve taken a few extra steps:

  • Enabled HTTP Search ad clicks to automatically be redirected to HTTPS when we know that your site prefers HTTPS, which we will begin rolling out the week of June 11.
  • Launched Ad version history to allow advertisers to update your landing page URLs from HTTP to HTTPS without resetting all of your performance statistics. 
  • Will start to warn advertisers in AdWords when you’re using less secure HTTP addresses for landing pages, in the next few weeks.

We hope that these innovations will help people browse more quickly, confidently, and securely.

Source: Official Google Webmasters Blog

Supporting Election Integrity Through Greater Advertising Transparency

Last year, Google committed to make political advertising more transparent. This week, we’re rolling out new policies for U.S. election ads across our platforms as we work to meet those commitments.

As a first step, we’ll now require additional verification for anyone who wants to purchase an election ad on Google in the U.S. and require that advertisers confirm they are a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, as required by law. That means advertisers will have to provide a government-issued ID and other key information. To help people better understand who is paying for an election ad, we’re also requiring that ads incorporate a clear disclosure of who is paying for it.  

There’s more to come. This summer, we’ll also release a new Transparency Report specifically focused on election ads. This Report will describe who ​is ​buying ​election-related ​ads ​on ​our ​platforms ​and ​how ​much ​money ​is being spent. We’re also building a searchable library for election ads, where anyone can find election ads purchased on Google and who paid for them.

As we learn from these changes and our continued engagement with leaders and experts in the field, we’ll work to improve transparency of political issue ads and expand our coverage to a wider range of elections.

Our work on elections goes far beyond improving policies for advertising. We’re investing heavily in keeping our own platforms secure and working with campaigns, elections officials, journalists, and others to help ensure the security of the online platforms that they depend on. In addition to the industry-leading protections in our consumer products, we’ve developed a range of Protect Your Election tools with Alphabet’s Jigsaw that are specifically tailored for people who are at particularly high risk of online attacks.

Yesterday, we announced improvements to one such product. Google’s Advanced Protection Program, our strongest level of account security for those who face increased risk of sophisticated phishing attacks sent to their email address, now supports Apple’s native applications on iOS devices, including Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts. We expect this will help more campaigns and officials who are often the targets of sophisticated phishing attacks.

We are also working across the industry and beyond to strengthen protections around elections. We’ve partnered with the National Cyber Security Alliance and Digital Democracy Project at the Belfer Center at Harvard Kennedy School to fund security training programs for elected officials, campaigns, and staff members. We are also supporting the “Disinfo Lab” at the Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center, which will employ journalists to leverage computational tools to monitor misinformation in the run-up to and during elections.

For over a decade we’ve built products that provide information about elections around the world, to help voters make decisions on the leadership of their communities, their cities, their states, and their countries. We are continuing that work through our efforts to increase election advertising transparency, improve online security for campaigns and candidates, and help combat misinformation.  Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming months.

Source: Official Google Webmasters Blog

Best Probiotic Pills On Earth

Best Probiotic Pills

As an entrepreneur, I work long hours and my energy is constantly being tapped out. Running out of energy is no fun.

Hence, finding ways to “BIOHACK” is a big key to success.

Biohacking essentially means carefully choosing everything that you put into your body with the awareness that it will either help or hurt my energy levels.

Since I am constantly stuffing my face with gummy bears, twinkies and bon bons, I really need a good probiotic.

I’m kidding, I eat pretty healthy, but honestly I am one of the lucky ones who can eat whatever they want and stay the same weight. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Regardless of your diet, a good probiotic is key.

It is estimated that there are 100 trillion micro-organisms from approximately 500 different species living in our stomachs. These micro-organisms contribute to approximately 70 percent of the body’s immune response. Most of them help us to digest food and keep our immune system in check.

Man-made chemicals from our modern day diets can sometimes prevent our digestive tracts from working like a well-oiled machine.

Cue the probiotics treatments.

Studies have been showing for decades that probiotics can treat and prevent gastrointestinal problems when that happens. That’s why I love them, and I finally found the one that works for me.

Studies on Probiotics

One study indicated that probiotics helped 60 percent of participants with antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Probiotics help with constipation as well and have been shown to slow the transit time of food by 12.4 hours. In these studies, probiotics increased the number of weekly bowel movements by 1.3 bowel movements, allowing patients to feel better about their digestion within hours. 

This is just the start of the magic of probiotics. There are a ton of benefits to them, and I’ve been using them for years. There’s one I want to tell you about. It’s called Restore3. You hardly even know you are taking it, but you definitely feel better and healthier overall when you do. 

In Native Formulas, I trust…

I take these Restore 3 supplements every day, and they have a noticeable affect on my vitality and energy.

The founder of Restore 3 have vast experience in the area of digestive health. They have done some really amazing research on gut health. The story of how they created these supplements came from decades of trial and error, searching for solutions to digestive tract issues. Check out their website, they have a ton of great info on there related to gut health.

What are the benefits of taking probiotics?

There are a number of benefits of taking probiotics. They are most known for helping with digestion, and any problems you may have with your gut. They are very popular with certain intestinal disorders, but they also help with almost any acute or mild digestion problem. Probiotics provide many benefits to the following conditions, just to start:

• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Irritable bowel syndrome
• Crohn’s disease
• Colitis
• H. pylori
• Urinary tract infections 
• Digestive infections

Healthy digestion is the primary benefit of probiotics. They also help to relieve gas and bloating, or any kind of digestive discomfort at all. 

How do I choose a probiotic?

When you are looking at different probiotics to choose from, it is going to be overwhelming because it feels like they all look the same. There are certain natural chemicals that are sometimes added to probiotics, and this is often where you will find the differences with most brands. Read the labels carefully.

To start, you want a product that contains Lactobacillus, in a quantity of at least 1 billion units. You are also going to want to look for Saccharomyces boulardii, Bifidobacterium. Most probiotics on the market contain at least Lactobaccillus. If you only get one of these chemicals in your probiotic, be sure that it is that one. Yogurt contains Lactobacillus for example. On their own, these chemicals will often be eliminated by your stomach acid and won’t produce the benefits you are looking for from a probiotic. This is why so many people supplement with probiotics.

Other ingredients to look for include natural herbal additions, which you will see often in probiotics. Herbal supplements can help to relieve abdominal discomfort considerably.

The ingredients used in Restore 3 include:

Proteolytic Enzymes
Magnesium Malate
Cellulase And Hemicellulase
Glucoamylase And Amylase
Bacillus Coagulans
Bacillus Subtilis

Restore 3 is a powerful dietary supplement, which delivers essential nutrients, enzymes and probiotics in your body. It is made using high potency ingredients, which are safe and highly effective. Using this formula will improve your body health and make you feel strong. It improves digestive health, relief you from pains, boost body immunity and raise energy levels.

It is very essential for people suffering from fibromyalgia, as it reliefs from pain and make you feel refreshed.

It also eliminates other health issues like gas, bloating and heartburn. This formula is designed for daily use for you to obtain optimum results.

The Restore 3 probiotic delivers the most essential bacteria strains in your intestines, leading to an improved digestive health.

You won’t have to buy multiple products to get them all included in your diet.

Are Probiotics Safe?

Yes, for most people probiotics are safe because they contain things that our body already has. For some people, there might be some allergic reactions. Those allergic reactions may include the very symptoms you are trying to alleviate, like bloating, diarrhea, stomach upset, and gas. If you are concerned at all, talk to your doctor about taking probiotics.

There are some conditions that should avoid probiotics. Those conditions include the following:

• Weakened immune systems
• Critical or terminal illnesses
• Post-surgical patients
• Infants that are ill

Probiotics are considered to be safe for children, but sometimes that is a no. When they are already ill, or being treated for something, they should be avoided until the doctor gives the green light.

Why Restore 3?

Restore 3 offers all of the ingredients that you need in a good probiotic.

Along with all of the immune-boosting properties that you get from your own intestinal micro-organisms, Restore 3 features the proprietary DE111 that enhances immune response above what other probiotics can do for you.

The support team is very responsive too if you have questions. My questions were answered the same day.

Bottom line

I am always looking for ways to keep my body running at maximum efficiency. The “master key” to vibrant health IS IN YOUR GUT! Your gut is the gatekeeper to so many microorganisms and your gut is the one that unlocks so many doors which need to be opened to reach optimal health.

My advice is not to spend a lot of money getting supplements to cross every mineral off of your list. Restore 3 is one is all-in-one solution, meaning you can get everything you need from one dosage.

Try Restore3 today at a very affordable cost, and I have a gut feeling that you’ll be glad you did! 😉