Website Analytics: Are You Tracking or Guessing?

Website Analytics: Are You Tracking or Guessing?

Marketing your web site WITHOUT a solid web statistics software is like throwing darts in the wind. Are you tracking or guessing with your web site marketing efforts?  If you’re not tracking where each of your web site visitors is coming from, i.e. which search engines, social sites, link partners, etc you’re guessing, and you should never guess with your marketing dollars. Enter Clicky. Clicky is a real time website analytics service. This means that when you login and view your analytics, you are seeing up to the minute data on the traffic to your web site. Most services don’t let you see what’s happening “today” until the day after. Clicky Web Analytics is the brainchild of the Roxr team, founded in late 2006, and based in Portland, OR, USA.   Clicky is directly tracking more than 200,000 web sites, and an additional 500,000+ through their partners and licensees. So why all the buzz about real time web site stats? Real time data lets you react to changes in your traffic as they occur. For example, if you had an article that hit the front page of a popular site like, you would see the traffic spike immediately, along with links back to the sources sending you the traffic. Knowing this, you could make changes to your site or to the article itself to take advantage of the situation. When you sign up with Clicky, you’ll get a dashboard that shows you the types of traffic sources to your web site. Each item has a number next to it representing how many visitors arrived from that type of traffic source. To the right of that number is what’s called the “trend” for that item, vs the day before, taking into account the current time of day. (Green percentages are “good”, and red are “bad”. Green usually means “more”, but sometimes more is bad). To view the history for any item, simply click on the trend percentage, as shown below. By default you will see the last 30 days of data for that item, but there is a date drop down menu right above the graph which lets you view the daily values for up to 180 days, or the weekly sums for 26 weeks (half a year), or the monthly sums for the last 12 months. Some data types also support hourly data.


Wondering how Clicky stacks up against web analytics providers?

Check out this chart below which gives you a birds-eye perspective of how they are different than the other top web stats services.

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If you are looking for one of the best real-time analytics systems on the web, we highly recommend Clicky web statistics! Check them out today, and tell them The Search Engine Pros sent you.

Speed Up Video Tutorials With Enounce My Speed

Speed Up Video Tutorials With Enounce My Speed
Speed Up Video

One of the most important things I’ve realized in running my web business is the importance of video tutorials for employees. We’re all juggling multiple tasks, and the need to “save time” is increasingly important these days.

I think it was about the 10th time I found myself explaining how to setup Google Apps to my workers that I had the bright idea to record tutorials on video. By recording the process of setting up Google Apps, I could then save time by simply sending the video to the workers and having them follow each step. Better yet, they are able to pause and rewind the video, and go at their own pace.

One day my worker said to me: “Taylor, your voice is really slow, can you talk faster because it takes a long time to get through these videos.  Is there any way to speed up video tutorials in the site?”

He explained to me that there is a sense of uneasiness when you have to sit through a slow tutorial.  I knew exactly how he felt, having experienced the same thing.  When you are “in control” something magical happens, you suddenly become more engaged, and absorb more of the information.

Needless to say, the workers comments were golden feedback for me, and I’m happy to report that I’ve found a solution to the problem. I stumbled across a Enounce My Speed; a $29.99 desktop software called that enables watching videos at 5 times faster or 3 times slower than their normal speed.

Initially I was skeptical. I assumed it would make me sound like a chipmunk and be totally useless. I was pleasantly surprised to be totally wrong! This software totally rocks and I highly recommend it.

I purchased the software and installed it on my desktop in the office. Now my workers are so happy because they can watch the video tutorials at a speed that is comfortable to them. They feel more “in control” and the experience is generally more engaging.

I am also using the software when watching internet marketing video tutorials for my own education as a web marketing professional and I really love the way I am streamline the information at a speed that’s comfortable for me. It’s extremely easy to use and has a user interface that is a breeze to operate.


Enounce My Speed has made the learning process for my staff so much easier! The software is easy to use and when you combine all of the features along with a one-time low price, you will be happy you found this essential software to speed up video. Definitely a 10!

Besides motivating staff to watch video tutorials, there are many other applications and situations where this software might be valuable. For example, Veterans Halls often record hour long meetings every month and then transcribe the meeting notes into a word document. By using ennounce, one could speed up the sound and complete an hour long transcription job in 20 minutes. Other uses might be Boy Scout Meetings, Legal proceedings, City Council meetings, tradeshow conferences, the list goes on.

You can download a full-featured version of MySpeed 5 Premier for Windows or MySpeed Premier for Mac for 7 days. Enjoy HTML5 (currently Windows only) and Flash videos at 5 times faster or 3 times slower than their normal speed! If you can view videos on YouTube, MySpeed will work. Try it FREE for 7 days, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Perhaps the best part is the unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of Enounce software, you may contact within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund.

The average reader digests 200 – 250 words per minute while the speed of most speech is just 100 – 125 words per minute. MySpeed will speed up video clips and help you absorb critical information faster. Or you can slow things down when you have to take notes, comprehend complex concepts, or simply want to see anything in detail, from how-to instruction to an awesome wipe-out!

In the old days, knowledge was power, but now it seems knowledge is everywhere, and the importance of “efficiency” seems to be taking center stage in the increasingly fast paced digitial business landscape. Understanding the time value of money concept is a key success factor for your business. Enounce My Speed is a great little software that will save you time and money. Pick up a copy here and tell them The Search Engine Pros sent you!

Speed Up Video

Google makes it easier to cast your ballot

Google makes it easier to cast your ballot

The first presidential nominating convention, held in 1832, was meant to give Americans a voice in the selection of the presidential nominee. Fast forward to 2012 and these conventions still represent a major moment in American politics—and we’re helping the conventions reach a larger audience by being the official live stream provider and social networking platform for the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. 

In conjunction with our on-the-ground efforts, we’re making a number of online tools available to help you get organized and informed as Election Day approaches. 

Get informed

Our Google Politics & Elections site enables you to see the latest Google News, YouTube videos, search and video trends, and Google+ content about the election in one place. You can also visit our live Elections Hub to watch the national political conventions, debates and even election night LIVE right from your mobile phone or laptop. 

Register to vote 

To make it easy to navigate the rules and deadlines about registering to vote and how to vote by mail, we put together an online voter guide. We’ve also added a special section to make it easier for military and overseas voters to find information about their different rules and deadlines.

As we approach the final days of the election, we’ll continue to develop useful ways for voters and campaigns to engage one another around the important issues in 2012. 

We hope these tools will help you stay informed and participate in the election!