Speech To 50 Film Book Authors

Speech To 50 Film Book Authors

Taylor Reaume Speaks To 50 Film Book Authors In Los Angeles, CA.

Over the past year or so I have had the pleasure of working directly with the largest film book publisher on the internet, http://www.MWP.com. Michael Wiese, owner and founder of MWP, is an amazing person to know. He is knowledgeable, patient, wise and successful as a business man, and a teacher.

Below is an except from his homepage that will give you an idea of what he does. Michael first came to me in 2009 as a referral from a colleague in Santa Barbara. Michael’s main concerns revolved around his frustration with stagnant traffic levels at his site, and the inability to quickly and easily add content to his site.

I explained to Michael about how I could help him by way of a professional WordPress installation and community portal. About 11 years ago I started a community web site for musicians…perhaps that story is best summed up by Michael Wiese’s speech introduction on Saturday…I’ll let the introduction Michael’s is giving tell that story:

“Taylor Reaume is a fortune 500 SEO consultant, and owner of the Santa Barbara Search Engine Marketing firm, Search Engine Pros.com Taylor is most widely known for his eStockMusic.com, a stock audio web site that he built up to 200,000 unique visitors per month, WITHOUT the use of seed capital. In 2007, Taylor sold the site for six figures to fortune 500 Jupitermedia. Later the site was purchased by Gettyimages and now populates IStockAudio.com Taylor has vast knowledge of how to get a #1 rank on Google, and how to build more traffic to a web site. Taylor holds a Marketing and Economics degree from Humboldt State University, and has been teaching SEO at his weekly workshops in Santa Barbara for 2 years. Interesting tid bit, Taylor’s SEO firm is one of the few firms on the internet that offer Multilingual SEO services.   Today he is going to speak to you about the new MWP.com community web site he built for us,  and also provide you some tips on how you can sell more books by getting top ranks on Google.”

Anyhow, I explained to Michael about the community web site building experience I have and he decided to have me build him a community web site for his Film Book Authors. I have to applaud Michael for his faith in my skills, and according to his recent comments, he is extremely happy with the outcome. Our goal is to continue to grow the web site and implement new strategies for building traffic to the site over the next few years.

Community web sites, and the user generated content that comes with them, are perhaps one of the best ways to build a strong presence on Google and other major search engines. The new community web site at http://www.mwp.com/community enables Michael’s authors to collaborate on ideas, upload videos into their profiles, add blog posts and most of all it grows brand loyalty.

Long story short, Michael was very impressed with the way the site turned out, and as a result invited me to speak at his upcoming closed door, invite only (woohoo ! Exclusive! ) Film book author workshop, (3rd Annual MWP Publishing Summit) this Saturday June 19th in Venice Beach, CA.

Of course I accepted his offer, and here I am now, compulsing over my speech. This is, after all, probably the largest crowd I have yet to speak for. My experience with hosting my SEO Workshops every Thursday (a free community service I offer) here in Santa Barbara has really helped me to gain a better handle on my speaking skills. I am excited to meet this challenge and potentially meet some interesting film book authors, new friends and new business partners.

If you are a film book author, I would highly encourage you to check Michael Wiese’s site at http://www.MWP.com

I am pasting the homepage content below for you. If you know of any book writers who might find this resource useful, please do let them know. Thank you!

Taylor Reaume
Founder And SEO Strategist


What Is This Site All About?

MWP (Michael Wiese Productions) is the world’s leading publisher of books on screenwriting and filmmaking. It started in 1981 when Michael Wiese wrote and published the first book in what is now a line of over 130 books. Our goal is to provide information and inspiration on all aspects of filmmaking to students, emerging filmmakers and professionals through the brightest minds in the creative community.

Who are the authors?

Our authors and consultants come from the hard-knock school of production as well as America’s esteemed film schools. They know what they are talking about because they write screenplays, they direct and they produce. They understand all elements of the moving picture. Some are working directors, cinematographers, editors, commercial and corporate producers, animators, film professors, screenplay writers, DVD producers, special effects supervisors, mythologists, psychologists, writing gurus, sound designers, script format software designers and game creators.

MWP authors have directed, edited, consulted on the script development or made major contributions toSaturday Night Fever, Grease, Rumble in the Bronx, The Lion King, Fight Club, Beauty and the Beast, War Games, Stakeout, Bird on a Wire, Romancing the Stone, Cast Away, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future, The Graduate, Cool Hand Luke, Chinatown and many others.

What Else Do Your Authors Do?

MWP authors write for the New York Times, Variety, Wired, Premiere, the Houston Examiner, Film Threat and Scr(i)pt Magazine. MWP authors teach at UCLA, USC, The American Film Institute, The New School, San Francisco State and at schools around the world.

MWP authors have won countless nominations and awards, including Emmys®, Oscars® and Director’s Guild Awards. They’ve worked in all the Hollywood studios, in commercial and independent production companies and in post-production houses throughout the U. S. Their work includes studio and independent feature films, network television, digital movies, music videos and documentaries.

Collectively, they’ve written hundreds of produced TV scripts, screenplays and sold dozens — including two million dollar script sales to Steven Spielberg and Disney

One of Hollywoods Best Kept Secrets…(shhhh)

While it’s one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets, many top writers, directors and producers study with our authors to gain that competitive edge. They know that there is always more to learn, always another skill to sharpen. So, if you attend a workshop or seminar with an MWP author, you may find yourself sitting next to someone with major credits who is there to learn more. MWP authors have trained thousands of professionals through their seminars and workshops in the U.S. and throughout the world including Japan, Germany, Spain, England, Indonesia, Finland, Poland, Ireland, France and Italy. Their books are used in over 600 film courses worldwide.

All of this is to let you know – you are in good hands.

May you enjoy our books and the assistance of our authors, many of whom are available to consult with you on your projects. Onward and upward.


The MWP Community Welcome to The MWP community, the premiere Internet destination for aspiring film book authors and screenplay writers. Becoming an screenplay writer is a dream shared by millions of people worldwide. But most have a limited knowledge of how to break into film book writing.

In the competitive world of screenplay writing, talent and ability is not enough. Serious and dedicated writers need every advantage available to them. MWP is a leading provider of film book resources. We provide high quality book publishing platform for established writers while guiding the careers of beginning writers through easy to follow tools, tips, and helpful writing hints. Join MWP’s online film book writer community today.

Your film script will be viewed by hundreds of film supervisors/assistants, film consultants and film reps who are seeking the best screenplay talent from across the world. The site is viewed daily by companies such as Universal, Warner, Walt Disney Pictures, Fox/TV, CBS, ABC, WB, BMI-Film/TV, Touchstone Paramount, Sony Pictures and Universal Studios. Don’t hesitate. Register today!

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Get A Bio. As a film maker or a writer, you know the importance of networking. Creating a profile at MWP.com is powerful way to network in the industry. easiest way to break in to showbiz. Register Now

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Post Videos. Post videos in your profile to enhance viewership. Videos are a great way to get your message across. Record an introduction video and post it to your bio. Register Now

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Post Blogs. For those serious about film book writing, we provide a robust mini blog inside your profile. This helps you in two ways. Backlinks boost your web site rankings and keyword rich blog keywords will u as well as a Every post you make is reviewed by the MWP staff. We regularly feature entertaining blog posts. Register Now

International SEO and Multilingual SEO

International SEO and Multilingual SEO

International SEO is a strategy employed by firms hoping to conduct business — in English — with foreign clients and partners. The key to International SEO is optimizing a page for foreign language natural search. This is accomplished through multilingual SEO, wherein we craft an International SEO campaign to attract foreign clients. We optimize your keyword campaign in a foreign language and direct natural search results to a page explaining what it is your company does. Search engine optimization has proven to be a powerful tool for increasing traffic, and International SEO and Multilingual SEO are no different.

This includes manual submission on the appropriate foreign search engines + full optimization maintenance/monitoring service for 1 year. Our native SEO technicians are spread throughout 28 countries. They work in close collaboration with qualified translators to ensure technical accuracy, while always respecting the cultural correctness of each foreign market being addressed.

International SEO is not about doing business with foreigners in their language, but rather bringing foreigners to your website to business with you in English. It is not necessary to translate your website to do business with foreigners. However, you must have at least 1 page translated in Japanese to be able to submit to Japanese Search Engines, and one page in German to submit to the German Search Engines, and so on.

Need more details? Click here to watch a video about multilingual SEO

SEO Campaign Management: 5 Tips From The SEO Expert

SEO Campaign Management: 5 tips from the SEO expert
dreamstime 2911399 meet2

Competent SEO Campaign Management is a necessity in light of the rising popularity of the World Wide Web – and it is to the point now where search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for any business making money from the web. If you want to compete in the growing and competitive world of online marketing, you are going to have spread the word about your website and make sure that potential clients can find your website. And the best way to do this is by becoming an SEO expert so that search engines can better pick up your pages.

The process of creating several web pages that are all focused around the same (or similar) group of keywords is called an SEO campaign, and it takes a qualified seo campaign management specialist to oversee and execute such a complex process. So we can better understand the job of SEO campaign management, let’s take a look at some of the things that a qualified SEO expert does.

#1 The number one job of an adept SEO expert is to monitor internet trends, and more specifically, exactly what words are being searched for on the popular search engines. Many search engine sites offer up this information for all to see, some however do not. For these you may able to use some specialized software in order to monitor the keywords that are being searched for by internet users. A good SEO expert will have a firm grasp of keyword trends and be able to adapt to them before the rest of the industry.

#2 Once you have compiled a list of the most frequently searched keywords, you can begin to produce content that revolves around these keywords. Although your list of most frequently searched keywords may change every single day, you will see that some are more prominent than others.

#3 The content you produce should be somehow related to the keywords that are being used. It would seem kind of funny to users if, when searching for “gasoline prices” your article about the local zoo comes up. The effective SEO expert is effective because he or she can address these issues and make sure your website is serving relevant information.

#4 Your next job in SEO campaign management is to repeat the entire process over and over again. Because your ideal goal is to attract as many visitors to your website as possible, you will want to cover many different sets of keywords so you can maximize the amount of viewers. This is the staple of a true SEO expert.

#5 Finally, you will want to monitor the results of your search engine optimization efforts to see just how effective it really is. There are a variety of network tools that can keep track of such stats and generate a report off from the findings. Because internet marketing costs time and money, you will want to find out what ones work and what ones do not. After that, you can eliminate or change the efforts that aren’t working and expand upon those that are. An adept SEO campaign management specialist will keep a campaign dynamic and effective.

As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into being an SEO expert. It is a highly lucrative career, however, and one that is in very high demand.

Internet Marketing Search Engine Specialist Must-Dos

Internet Marketing Search Engine Specialist Must-Dos

Google Keyword Research Tips

Google has a variety of commands to sharpen your Google search experience. Some are very useful, other quite worthless. These query tools are largely unknown to the general public. If you are an internet marketing search engine specialist you probably know these tools like the back of your hand. These syntax commands are particularly useful to speed up the Research Process on the largest search engines.  Use these commands to gain a deeper understanding about a site. If you’d like to understand every one of them, just search for: Google commands and you may for sure find what you’re looking for.  In particular, this page is very helpful:  http://www.Google.com/help/cheatsheet.html. The following Google Keyword Research Tips from The Search Engine Pros, a prominent Internet Marketing Search Engine Specialist, will help your business achieve its internet goals.

Every Internet Marketing Search Engine Specialist Should Know these common Google Keyword Research Tips:


Type in Google search: site:www.yoursite.com and you will see which pages of your web site are indexed.

This analysis is very important, either to

1. understand how good the spider indexed your web site

If your web site is 1.000 pages and Google sees only 300 pages you have a problem!  If  it shows 1.000 pages but most of them appear in the omitted results also you have a problem. These Google Keyword Research Tips will help you improve your search engine ranking.

2. measure your competitors web site.

Of course you can’t know how many pages your competitor really has, but generally speaking a web site with much more pages than yours is stronger competitor.


Type in Google search: site:www.yoursite.com and you will see a page with a picture of your web site and on the top a bunch of information.

This command gives a quick understanding of what the spider sees of your (or your competitor) web site. The most important information it give is the date of the last visit of the spider. To be honest this value is not correct because if you check your own logs you will probably see that the spider crawled your page more recently than what this value says.

That said, for the purpose of discovering if the spider likes to visit your competitor’s web site it’s very useful. If you notice that a web page was last time visited one year ago it means very clearly that it’s not such an important page for most search engines. You will be astonished to see how badly some web sites are made and how obvious it is that they can’t perform on search engines! One of the most fundamental Google Keyword Research Tips is to engage in SEO friendly web design!

One of the important goals in SEO is updating your site consistently with fresh content — this is one of the most fundamental Google Keyword Research Tips. The reason you want to have fresh content on your site is not just to please to your visitors and enhance credibility, it’s also a great way to get the spider coming back to your web site. The more often the Google Spider visits your website – the higher ranks you will get, which equals more sales and revenue and of course ultimately more love and happiness in your life. This is why you should rotate articles on your homepage every week, or worst case, every month.


Type in Google search: link:www.yoursite.com and you will discover a results page with all the web pages linking to your web site.

Google doesn’t show all the incoming links. Don’t ask me the reason why the large search engines have chosen only to pick some incoming links but only a small amount of links are shown and very often these are not the most important links.

The only way to bypass this odd behaviour is to switch to Yahoo to make this kind of incoming link analysis. Just go to Yahoo search and type: link:http://www.yoursite.com and you will get the list of all incoming links to your web site home page.

To be precise yahoo has two possible commands: link and linksite. The first, described above indicates only links to your home page. The second (linksite:www.yoursite.com) shows all links to your web site. A very important point to consider in your link building strategy is also the link deepness. The deeper your links into a web site the more natural the links appear and the more valuable they will be considered from search engines. What do I mean by deep links? Deep links simply refers to the inbound links you have pointing to your inner web site pages.  Everyone has links pointing to their homepage, yes, but not everyone has links pointing to their inner pages as well, this is the mark of a truly valuable website in Google’s eyes and is something that every internet marketing search engine specialist should routinely be doing. This relates to PR (Page Rank). You want each of your web pages to be a PR 5 or Higher. High PR comes from lots of quality inbound links to your site.

In 2010, search engines are placing huge importance on inbound link counts. This is because it is the one thing spammer and black hat marketers can’t do effectively. Obtaining links is hardcore labor, and it usually only comes over time with gradual and natural growth of your site.

Two other links on this topic which you may find of interest are: