Why Fresh Content Attracts Google

Why Fresh Content Attracts Google

You’ve been reading up on SEO (trying to figure out why your site isn’t working…) and you read over and over about how having fresh content helps keep your web site on top of the search engines.  But…you STILL wonder secretly, do I REALLY need to blog every day? 

YES!  “A blog post a day, keeps the robots from going away…”

Want to hear real-world examples of how business blogging has transformed sales for local business owners? Join us tomorrow at 5:30pm for an hour of interesting and engaging conversation about Google, the web, and online marketing.  Details here.

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The Thursday SEO workshop is a group of local business owners talking about how to generate more leads from their website via google site optimization and pay per click. Attendees come to learn SEO and search engine marketing from other like-minded business owners who have developed effective internet marketing strategies.

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Thursdays Nights 5:30pm-6:30pm ADD OUTLOOK REMINDER 
Where : THE EAGLE INN (by Sambos) 232 Natoma Ave Santa Barbara, CA 93101

SEO Articles Perpetually Promote…

Content is what makes the web-go-round so….If you haven’t done this already then it’s time to start creating content for your site.  Include lots of keyword-rich articles so that you get traffic from the search engines, then make sure you add an opt-in email form on all of your pages so that people that enjoyed your articles can sign up for your list (the most overlooked and most critical online business strategy).  Keep in mind that you don’t have to write all for the content yourself. You can hire one of The Search Engine Pros Article Managers to write the articles for you.

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How does my Article Manager know about my business?

This is a big hurdle for some business owners to overcome. It is important to realize that other people are smart too, and they can help you if you let them. Your Article Manager will research your business, and often times they present information that you were unaware of about your industry and field.  With the advent of the internet, knowledge is everywhere. In the old days, just having access to knowledge made you powerful. Today, it’s how you filter that knowledge and apply it. The difficult part for business owners today is letting go of the idea that they are the “only” or the “best” offering in the market place, and instead of sharing ideas with others and collaborating. Writing is a passion for some people. The smartest business owners stick to what they are good at and let others do what they are good at.

Strategic Content Is King On The Web

How are these special search engine articles written?

The SEO articles will be 500 words each and written in a list based format (most people on the web are scanning, and not reading, and people love list based writing on the web). The SEO article is written around a predetermined niche keyword with proper keyword density.

Does the article “trick” the search engines?

The article writer does not engage in any keyword stuffing or tricky practices. The articles we write are 100% compliant with search engine guidelines. Did you know that search engines (Google themselves!)  recommend that you include the keywords in your articles that you wish to be found for. It helps them to better match up the search engine visitors coming to your web site, which also helps the search engine to be more relevant. The writer will include the important keywords that you wish to be found for inside the article.

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