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  • Last Pass definitely is something I will be looking into, from always forgetting my passwords completely and constantly having to change them because they are either not saved on a particular device or I cannot access the account in which I originally created for the backup password methods. It doesn’t take long before resetting a forgotten password every time can get tedious and annoying. This form of password protection is something that is needed for anyone who uses the internet for more than just a few sites.

  • I have been using LastPass since 2017 and I can say that it is truly among the best password managers in the market. It’s very worth upgrading to a premium but the free version is also excellent! Great review, Taylor!

  • Password management has always been a struggle for me since I’m constantly creating new accounts and forgetting my passwords. It doesn’t help that the password requirements vary among different sites. I have tried various software that promises to make my life easier, but yet none of them seem to offer everything I need.

    I had not heard of Lastpass until reading this post, so now I am intrigued to see how it stands out from the rest. I will try the free version before paying for the upgrade. If it proves to be as good as you say, it might just be my new favorite password saver!

  • Lastpass works wonders for me as I am always joining new websites and have to create passwords remembering passwords is hard for me. I always have to change my passwords for lack of remembering them. There are a lot of people who can benefit from LastPass to keep their passwords protected and managed. And the price is just perfect for this type of service. I also love the fact that if I can not think of a password LastPass does it for me this keeps my accounts protected which is something I can not do myself.

  • Hi Taylor,

    I really wish I had ran across your blog sooner! LastPass would have been a life safer in my previous job! I had to create a password for each system I had access to, and every few weeks or months, the system would require me to change my password. Basically, I would have just started to remember my passwords, and then I would need to change them. I tried just adding letters or numbers to the end for new passwords, but that ended up to be a mess, as I would forget what letter or number I was on at the time, and then would have to reset it altogether.

    I think one of my previous boss would have loved to suggest LastPass to his employees, as several of my coworkers at the time would have trouble remember passwords, so they would write them down. Although they wouldn’t write them on a post-it and stick on their computer screens, they would write it down somewhere that is very easily found.

  • So I knew NOTHING about LastPass, until just now, reading your blog, you were able to put it in such a way that I actually understand so kudos to you for doing that first and foremost.
    Secondly, I hadn’t thought about having ONE place to store ALL passwords/ logins until now, and it all makes sense! Being able to use ONE password for everything is a no-brainer for a business woman like myself that just can NOT keep up with the 40 passwords I need for work. You hit the nail on the head saying that its cost effective too because I checked it out, and its worth it …money and all! Thank you for introducing me to LastPass and thank you for making my life with passwords so much easier!

  • How awesome is this product! My husband and I, as well as several close relatives, have a lot of issues with remembering passwords. My husband, a combat veteran with a horrible memory, once had to change his email password 8 times in a single month because he couldn’t remember. I wish I had known about LastPass years ago, it would make life so much easier. I currently use Google to manage my passwords, but companies are always getting hacked and I don’t feel like my passwords and information are 100% secured, especially since I’ve had an account hacked and my identity stolen.
    I love the features listed for Last Pass and have every intention of getting the family package that they offer. The encryption, the price, and the storage are too good not to get.

  • What a helpful tool! As we’ve entered the age of the internet, people have become more and more savvy, so you can never take enough precautions. I can’t believe people used to think that it was okay to use a single password for each and every account, so I’m really glad we’re past that. That being said, I feel like what’s safe on the internet is changing every day. It’s less that the new information is wrong and more that we learn more about the way certain algorithms, hackers, and bots work. For example, a while back, we were recommended to use a random combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Now, using a combination of words, syllables, numbers, and symbols is recommended.

  • This app sounds like a great way to keep your passwords in one secure location. I know personally, I have trouble remembering passwords for each site I visit and will often have to change my password to be able to get back into my account. Just last week I couldn’t remember a password for one of my email addresses and was not able to reset the password because I never updated my phone number or added my other email address. Luckily I was able to find my password and fix the issue. My only concern with this app would be the passwords that have to be changed frequently. I have one account where I have to change the password every three months. It is easy to change it on my computer settings but I’m not sure how it would work with LastPass. Other than how the password changes would work I am interested in looking into this more.

  • What an incredible lifesaver! Multiple times a day, we are asked to create new passwords for everything from utility bills to online e-commerce websites. Passwords should never be duplicated for security purposes. Each one should have its own unique characteristics. By following these guidelines, it is impossible to remember every password. With this tool, you can store all your passwords in one spot while following security requirements. This seems like a priceless resource for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners alike.

  • The concept of storing everything in one place so you don’t have to recall them is a great one. You did talk about encryption and security. However, I do not trust putting everything in one place especially financial information. Given all the information on there, all someone needs to do is get 1 password. Sure as anything at the very moment that you need it the most, the site will be down for maintenance. I sometimes feel that we get lazy about things we really need to keep safe. I think this is great for everyday things, but I wouldn’t want all my information and accesses in one place.

  • At my prior job I could have benefitted greatly from LastPass as we had over twenty computer applications that required passwords and needed to be updated every so often. I love that this service offers one time passcodes if you are needing to use a public computer and that it can save websites and auto fill passwords there. I struggle to remember what number or special character I use in my passwords so I think LastPass would make logging into my social media or shopping apps a less frustrating process. Hopefully this service is more widely implemented, especially in the workplace.

  • I like how your review explains in great detail about LastPass. It makes it more understandable to anyone that may be considering trying it. You also touched a lot on the security of the software, which is particularly important when involving passwords. It seems to be very trustworthy. Thank you for posting your review!

  • This sounds like exactly what I need! It is hard to argue with 10 solid reasons to make my passwords more secure, streamlined, and easy to access. I love that you mentioned how transparent the company is about the security of their platform. It makes me nervous to have all of my passwords in one place. However, it is genius that they introduce a ‘one time password’ feature. Often, I am accessing my accounts from public computers that I do not trust. This peace of mind is hard to beat at an annual price of $36.

  • As a family of five, business owner snd assistant passwords are my life. I currently have a note in my IOS with everything on it separated into categories with an emoji. I’ve heard of password apps but it’s hard to know which is worth it and will provide ease of use. The benefits of last pass are many and I have now signed up with a free trial. The biggest part that sold me was the ability to have multiple accounts on one site. For example I have my personal Facebook, my business Facebook, my parenting blog Facebook, and my bosses business Facebook. That’s just the top of the iceberg. Toggling through all those can be a hassle so having an encrypted vault with it ready to click into would be highly beneficial. The price point was a huge seller for me as well. I’m big on affordability without sacrificing quality. All in all this article introduced a new affordable option with all the bells and whistles that’s great for both personal and business use.

  • LastPass comes in handy for online professionals like me. I manage different properties for different clients. Imagine what logging in would be like if there’s no tool like LastPass. I trust it more than my brain to remember all the account details I need on a daily basis.

  • Taylor,
    I have found that while a password manager sounds all well and good, there are some annoying drawbacks. For example, a lot of non-Google products are not very well integrated with the autofill system. This can become tiresome with a password manager where now you have to go into the manager, find some master password, or have them create one for you that you’re never going to remember. If the password manager doesn’t work perfectly it can turn into quite a hassle. I guess it comes down to what you’re looking for. If you are looking for something easy to use then a password manager may not be for you. However, if your primary concern is security then a password manager like LastPass is definitely the way to go.

  • I really need to consider an app like this after reading this article. I’ve had to change passwords on quite a few accounts and now keeping up with them has been a hassle on the memory. I have some written down, but pulling that out all the time is tedious. I’m always afraid I’m going to lose the passwords in my phone that are saved or lose the paper. With this app, I only need to remember one! That’s a breath of fresh air right there. That’s about 150 things that I don’t have to try to remember anymore! Great review.

  • I really need help keeping track of my passwords because I always forget about them. It’s an inconvenience sometimes, but then I stumbled upon this article, and it really blew my mind that there’s software for forgetful people like me. It’s a great review, and I will surely give it a try!

  • I totally agree with your point that memorizing and creating unique, strong passwords is impossible. Just like everyone else, I also struggle to remember my passwords.
    Just 3-6 dollars, and I get to enjoy LastPass features. It’s impressive how LastPass allows Its users to organize their password accounts with its one-time password and many efficient and convenient features. I do not have any idea about LastPass before reading this post, and I keep my passwords written in my notebook, but I sometimes forget to update them. I would give this a try and hopefully get to manage my accounts in the future.

  • This is an essential service for our ever growing password keeping world. So many people including myself often forget our passwords in the first place or do not remember which password is for what. Along with that, LastPass also does a fantastic job of securing encrypted passwords which can be guessed or stolen by other people. Especially for people that use different passwords for different websites, computer logins, and other uses, this service provides you with all the tools you need to navigate a safe and organized online presence.

  • LastPass is a must-have tool for any company. I’ve worked with teams and companies before that never used it, and I’ve always wondered what kept them from doing so considering they were strict on intellectual property and information sharing. I now bring up getting a LastPass account with every new team I work with.

    Thanks for the bit on the LastPass Families package, by the way! I’m now considering getting one to store medical and insurance information. You never know when a medical emergency will happen. Setting one up would definitely be less troublesome than searching for and rifling through documents.

  • Hey Taylor,

    I never heard of LastPass, but all the features you outlined in your post make perfect sense why most managers should use it. The three most important reasons you pointed out were saving login time, security, and transparency. Those are vital when it comes to password security and LastPass takes care of all that for you. I can’t stand coming up with new passwords and then figure out creative passwords to meet security requirements. Not only that, you have to remember that password. Insightful review and thank you for highlighting the features of LastPass!


  • As someone who manages different client social media accounts, LastPass is a great tool to use. I don’t have to memorize any of my clients’ logins and it alleviates any hassle of misplacing or forgetting them. It also saves a lot of time! I even use it for my personal logins. Totally a lifesaver!

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