Santa Barbara Marketing Company Explains How To Promote An Event With Facebook

Promote Your Santa Barbara Events on Facebook

With hundreds of millions of active users,  Facebook’s fan pages are an effective way to capitalize on internet marketing for events, organizations, businesses, bands, or products that need to build an audience.

Facebook Fan pages are visible to everyone who visits, can grow as big as needed, and can provide the administrator with helpful page insights about visitors.  When someone becomes a “fan” of your event, that information appears on their wall for their friends to see.

As a Santa Barbara marketing company we often help businesses promote their events with a Facebook fan page.  Fan pages are a great way to generate awareness for the event and draw new visitors.

After you create a page for your event,  you need to start using it to promote your event. Our Santa Barbara marketing consultants recommend the following:

  • Promote The “Get Notifications” Option: When driving visitors to your Facebook fan page, make sure to tell your sponsors, speakers, and vendors about the “get notifications” option. Facebook doesn’t always post every update or notification, but checking this option will make sure your fans get updated every time you post something new and exciting about your Santa Barbara events.
  • Pre-plan Status Updates: Did you know you can schedule status updates now on Fan Pages?  Get your core team together, and have each person come up with 10 status updates.  Next, schedule at least 50 updates to go out during the months leading up to the event.  Keep the updates engaging, entertaining or educational.
  • Link to a Website: Have an online location where visitors can find complete information. Make sure that the page also has a link back to your Facebook fan page.
  • Post Frequent Updates: For effective event promotion in Santa Barbara, you need to keep interested parties constantly updated on news about your event. Whenever there is a new speaker, entertainer, or sponsor let your fans know.
  • Use the Facebook Comments Plugin: Your event registration page should allow the use of Facebook comments so that your event receives additional visibility each time a visitor makes a comment.
  • Connect With Partners: Encourage your sponsors, speakers, and vendors to cross-promote your event on their Facebook pages. You can also include their names, logos or photos in your updates to keep the cycle going.
  • Consider Facebook Ads: Targeted Facebook ads can help draw attention and interest to the fan page for your event.

Be sure to use other forms of social marketing to promote your Facebook fan page. Make sure any Tweets or YouTube videos you have direct visitors to your site. Event marketing in Santa Barbara will be far less difficult if you follow these quick tips above.

Need help with Facebook marketing strategy?  Our Santa Barbara marketing consultants can help you build a fan page, create an event, or promote an event using Facebook fan pages. Once you’ve seen the power of Facebook to attract visitors, attendees, and sponsors to your event, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

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  • We are having an open house soon and we have been announcing it in our Facebook page posts, but we never knew about this option. This seems like a great way to get people on board. I should have thought of it, since I’ve seen events on Facebook before and put “interested” or “going” and such. Sometimes you don’t think of things until you go searching and find an awesome article like this to help our your business!

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