Writing A Blog is Like Cooking A Thanksgiving Turkey

What does your Thanksgiving turkey have in common with your blog? Lots! Cooking a turkey is a lot like writing an SEO friendly blog post. Follow these helpful tips to wine and dine the search engine spiders with your Thanksgiving holiday blog post.

  1. Fresh Turkey. Fresh Content. Stale content is like stale turkey. Google ranks fresh content higher. It’s essential to provide fresh content on your blog to stay on top the search engines and keep your customers engaged.
  2. Have you ever eaten a turkey that was cooked in a rush? Don’t rush through writing your blog post. Preparation is key. Brush up on the basics of SEO. Don’t expect to pull a full Thanksgiving meal together if you can’t even boil water. Same goes for SEO. Get comfortable with the basic SEO fundamentals first.
  3. Are you using a Turkey Thermometer? Are you using Google Analytics on your blog? Did you include the Google Analytics code snippet so you can track visitors to your blog post?
  4. Did you forget to add Turkey seasoning? A Thanksgiving turkey without the proper seasoning is like a blog post without strategic keywords sprinkled in here and there. Keywords are an essential element to any SEO success or failure.
  5. Cooking a Turkey is a team effort.  You will not likely make it to the Turkey championships without a few kitchen helpers.  Kitchen helpers are like guest bloggers. They are happy to help out, provided you give them some recognition! Guest bloggers are a great way to build your blog.
  6. Presentation. You wouldn’t expect your Thanksgiving host to just slop down some food on the table in a KFC container, right? The same is true of your blog article. Before hitting the publish button, add a little panache by including images, nice fonts, emphasize important words with bold font, and italicize certain phrases to increase readability.
  7. The Crescendo! Ring the supper bell! Ever heard of http://pingomatic.com ? Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated. Enter your final blog post URL to alert the search engines of your delicious new content. It’s time to wine and dine the search engine spiders!
  8. Leftovers. Did someone say Turkey sandwiches? Turkey soup, turkey casserole, turkey salad? What about repurposing snippets of your blog post to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin? Everybody loves leftovers. Don’t let your delicious content go to waste. You’ll generate more traffic if you repurpose the content at your social sites.

Lastly, consider the following: If nobody shows up your Turkey Dinner, would it really matter how delicious your Turkey was? The same is true of your blog post. If people can’t find your blog post, it’s lessens the deliciousness, or the value of your blog post. Be sure to include those popular keywords and follow these simple tips to increase the number of eyeballs on your blog post.

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The staff at The Search Engine Pros would like to wish you and your family a warm and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

The Search Engine Pros thanks the numerous individuals, families, business owners, interns, companies and organizations working closely with us to create a truly effective web strategy for our clients.

May you remember all the many things you have to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Taylor Reaume and The Search Engine Pros

2 Responses

  • As a blogger and reader, emphasizing important words is indeed essential in blog posts since it increases readability. Making these important texts into a bold or italic font is a great step. But, I would suggest keeping the paragraphs short and simple so that readers won’t have to read huge blocks of text. Perhaps, in Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey terms, it would be “Don’t overdo the cook, and make it just right for people to enjoy.”

  • I never thought to relate writing a blog to cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey. I will utilize your tips to better my content. I am always churning out plenty of content for my blogs, but sometimes I forget that fresh new relevant information that isn’t repetitive and boring. I will have to look into the Google Analytics code snippet you mentioned because I haven’t thought about tracking visitors to my blog post. I also don’t have enough time in my day to SEO optimize my blogs so I may just have to give you guys a call for a consultation! I am ready for my business to become viral and to stay on top of the Google page!

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