6 Marketing Strategies To Drive Thanksgiving Sales

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the cornucopia of online marketing options available today. The truth is that a well thought-out and carefully implemented online marketing plan can open a business to a new stream of prospective customers, drive leads to a website and motivate increased sales. With that in mind, here are six search marketing strategies to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:

  1. Event Marketing: Whether your business is holding a holiday sale or sponsoring a major conference, there is no better way to attract attention than online event marketing. Target a potential audience online and get them excited about your event.
  2. Local Search: If your business caters to a particular geographic area, use local search strategies to become the big fish in your small pond. When customers in your target area search for a business or services similar to yours, your company should be at the top of their results.
  3. SEO Marketing: Search engine optimization (SEO) studies how search engines rank their results and implements strategies to maximize exposure through this means. SEO marketing encompasses blogs, newsletters, website copy and design, and social media to drive higher rankings and awareness.
  4. WordPress CMS: Efficiently manage your online content using WordPress CMS (Content Management System), which offers one convenient location for organizing web pages, blog content, and search marketing. WordPress Plugins allow you to easily extend the features and functionality of your blog or website. Thousands of customization options allow you to improve your search engine optimization, develop a client portal for private information, and add display features such as widgets or navigation bars.
  5. Google Marketing: There are many ways to use Google’s SEO tools to increase your online visibility. Your business can run Google ads which are only shown to people who are searching for exactly what your company offers. It’s a great way to get big budget results with small budget costs.
  6. Social Media: All of your prospects and customers are already using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms every day. Your company can utilize social media marketing to engage with them every time they are online and become part of the conversation.

Your online marketing plan needs to take advantage of the most effective marketing tactics, and know which to gracefully avoid. Contact Search Engine Pros at 800-605-4988 and find out how wecan help your business compete more effectively online.

Happy Thanksgiving from Search Engine Pros!

Thanksgiving Marketing Tips

2 Responses

  • Online marketing can easily become overwhelming so your comprised list and tips are very helpful. Local search strategies have been very helpful for my business but we are looking to expand more so that we can obtain more customers. I never thought about WordPress CMS, but I will look into it. I have always been impressed by the simplicity of WordPress and I love its themes. Google marketing is also a huge help from what I have heard, I will look into that as well. Social Media will always be a great tool because people are always on their phones and shopping! I am thankful for your post!

  • Hi Taylor,

    Thanks for the tips on advertising Thanksgiving sales! Promoting an event for the Thanksgiving sale is a great idea! Having an event draws potential customers into the store, which would usually include those who are planning on buying and also those who plan on just attending the event. In either case, the potential customer is in the store, so we’ve already got step one completed.

    Social media marketing can be used in conjunction with the event marketing to tap into people’s mindset of wanting to do things together now that things are opening up again after the pandemic in some areas. I am sure people are itching to get out and do things together. What better thing to do together than to shop together during the holidays to see all the decorations!

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