Facebook Marketing: 7 Secrets To Success

Facebook marketing is one of the hottest marketing platforms for disseminating information about your business today.

There is no question that technology and media in the 21st century is continually evolving.  Facebook marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective media platforms for promoting one’s business. Yet many people who are eager to promote their brand, business, and product are unaware of HOW to successfully market themselves through these mediums.  Questions such as “How do I make my business look attractive to the public”, and “How do I get more ‘likes’ or ‘friend requests’?” seem to be an overarching theme.

Whether you’re a startup, or a seasoned business, chances are you’re probably trying to research ways to get your business on the social web.  You’re in luck! Here are 7 secrets to successfully market your business on Facebook:


To be an attractive business, you must have an attractive Facebook page. With the newly employed ‘Timeline’, Facebook lets you show who you are and what you stand for in an instant with the giant cover photo. Make sure the photo corresponds to your company’s ideals or philosophy, which is simply good branding. You may want to get professional photographs taken, or put your company’s logo up as long as its clean and simple. Aesthetics are everything these days, so make sure your pictures and profile photos correspond attractively in the eyes of those who see your page.


On the info section you want to show what you stand for. Anyone can pitch an idea or product, but this won’t get people to BELIEVE in it. Make sure you state your mission statement clearly, describing what you stand for and why you do what it is that you do. If people believe in your cause, they are much more likely to accept your product, as it is not simply seen as a rudimentary good idea, but rather an idea that is apart of them. This pertains to Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle”, which states that the most successful businesses such as Apple have become successful because they base their products on the “WHY?” and allow people to believe in its cause, rather than aiming it at what they do.

Facebook Marketing Power Tip #3: EVERYTHING MUST BE FRESH AND NEW.

People need new material in their lives; it mentally stimulates them. When people see that you are posting new material each day, with new and interesting topics, blogs, articles, videos, and pictures, your business will benefit substantially.  Educational Facebook marketing is very powerful on the social web. This is because people will see that your business is an active engager in its field, rather than being old or irrelevant.  They will see your company name more often, which keeps it longer in their conscious and subconscious minds, and thus creates more brand awareness (think top of mind). Make sure you post actively, most social media gurus recommend posting 5-7 times per week, and with information that has at least some connection to your business. Pictures and videos are huge, as it takes up more space on their news feed and is easy to view.

Facebook Marketing Power Tip #4:  ENGAGE YOUR FANS.

Being active on your page is more than simply posting articles: you must communicate with your target audience. Ask them questions such as “What do you think of this new product?” Be enthusiastic and encourage them to post their opinions on your page, but make sure your questions are simple and easy to answer. It will bring more traffic to your page as their friends see them posting on yours, and you will get more insight on what they want. Marketing is a two-way street, so don’t forget to go both directions.

Facebook Marketing Power Tip #5: HOLD A CONTEST, MAKE THEM WANT IT.

A great way to engage your fans is to hold a contest or sweepstakes. The prize doesn’t have to be anything expensive, or even necessarily one of your products. It should however have some connection to your business. You can have a photo or video contest, or give prizes to the fans who give the best feedback or idea of how to better your product or business. This all goes back to the give and take principle of marketing.

Facebook Marketing Power Tip #6: KNOW WHAT YOUR COMPETITION IS DOING.

In order to be ahead of your competition, you must know what your competition is doing. By monitoring their use and effectiveness, you can see what you must do to stay ahead of the game. Several new tools such as http://monitor.wildfireapp.com/  allow you to do just this.

Facebook Marketing Power Tip #7: BE THE MASTER OF YOUR DOMAIN.

To be credible to others, you have to play the part. Being the authority figure in regards to information in your specific area incorporates all the previous steps together. It means posting confidently, helping out fans who are looking for more information (this may mean comparing your business’s benefits to your competitions’), and simply being active and aware of how you are communicating with others.  Engaging your fans’ inquiries with diligence and thought gives your target audience the impression that you know what you are talking about, and they will appreciate your assistance and likely respect your business more.

I hope these Facebook marketing power tips have helped you gain more insight into the world of social media marketing.

Remember that high-quality, continuous fan involvement and site activity can lead to an improved reputation, which can take your business a long way.

Happy Marketing!

2 Responses

  • Taylor, thank you so much for your insight and advice! The first impression is absolutely important when people look at your webpage and/or site. If your page isn’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye when someone first opens your page, you are more than likely to lose them. Not only are you going to lose them, but you may also lose out on them recommending your page to someone else to check out. I also agree that telling people the “why” behind your company is another selling point to keep people interested in your company. If your “why” is compelling, they are more likely to want to support your mission. Great advice!

  • I don’t own a business, but have been trying to learn social media tactics in hopes of adding freelancing in the social media arena. There are so many sites and blogs regarding Facebook pages and making them pop, but some are so wordy or complicated that I give up. This blog post is simple, yet informative and helpful. I often visit business pages on Facebook and I think they could use the tips provided. Many small business Facebook pages that I’ve seen lack a biography and updated posts. It’s hard to engage with a business that is only active once a week or once a month, which is a shame because they tend to be the company that I prefer. Sometimes I just want to discuss my experience with their product or business versus leaving a review that may not look so good, but lack of engagement leads to negativity.

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