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  • I try to have Google keep all my data. It seems to be much more reliable when it comes down to me looking for something I did in the past. It’s always nice to have that history, and the passwords saved, and be able to reference a certain day if you need to.

  • We should do a privacy check-up more often. It ensures a more personalized experience with google across apps like maps & youtube.

  • The new hands-free privacy controls with Google Assistant are just amazing. It lets me control privacy settings just over my voice command.

  • Managing privacy with hands-free is a bit new to me. Its is like teaching a baby.
    These days google understands English language only or a bit of other languages too!
    Who knows, may be someday it will learn the Amazonian languages also!

  • For me password manager is a savior hence I don’t have to recall my passwords from my memory! It even updates me on the password strength and alerts me on any third-party data breach.

  • Turning on the automatic delete option is the best way to declutter and move on.
    I have been using this feature lately.
    Good read!

  • Personalizing Ad settings in google is a great way to control the Ads we see. It can be personalized at any time across the platforms we want to. Alternatively, we can turn off personalization and revert to generalized settings based on location and site visits.

  • Turning on the incognito mode works only on the chrome browser. It is still exposed to ISP & site data when logged in. Using a VPN is a safer option when it comes to privacy in my opinion.

  • GDPR & CGPA gave a strong foundation to the privacy policy update. Many of the world’s emerging economies are developing and implementing laws to protect personal information and impose obligations on parties that collect, hold, and use such information. These laws typically share common themes and principles that collectively embody good data protection practice.

  • Turning on the incognito mode is good way to distract unwanted ads and internet traffic!
    It is like tastings the forbidden fruits without attracting them 😉

  • I am so upset now that all this data privacy stuff is happening. I had my clients Google Ads bringing in 10 calls per day with remarketing ads. Not that easy anymore due to all these data privacy issues.

  • Turning on the automatically delete option is the best way to declutter and move on.
    I have been using this feature lately.
    Good read! Thanks Taylor!

  • For me password manager is a savior!
    I think i need to use the password checkup option.
    Thanks Taylor!

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