SEO Friendly Simple CMS

The cost of developing and launching a commercial website has decreased dramatically over the past two years as content management systems (CMS) have become sophisticated enough to handle complicated content hierarchies and massive amounts of traffic. While many CMS products offer robust feature sets and advanced functionality, only a few seo friendly simple cms software packages exist.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the content on a web page so that the most important keywords are picked up by natural search algorithms, thus associating your site with those keywords and elevating your search engine “rank” (the order in which your site is listed in search results).

SEO has become an important component of website marketing strategy recently as it offers a low-cost alternative to other marketing programs. Given that search engine usage has become a commonplace activity of the average consumer, companies recognize that they can reach potential new customers simply by elevating their search engine rank.

How can a CMS be SEO friendly?

An seo friendly simple cms package needs only to incorporate some of the central strategies behind SEO to differentiate itself from a package that doesn’t incorporate natural search optimization. Many CMS packages were built before SEO strategy took full form, and therefore the hacks that have been programmed to adjust their SEO compatability don’t always work.

As a rule of thumb, the newer a CMS is, the more likely it is to incorporate SEO strategy. The great thing about CMS packages is that they streamline the process of writing content and posting it to the internet. An seo friendly cms leverages the power of search optimization and streamlined content publication to increase a website’s visibility and ease of access.

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