“10 Golden Rules Of Internet Marketing”

The following 10 golden rules of internet marketing will help you build a successful website in 1 year’s time on Google.

It can be done faster if you are a real go getter. Do these things below to achieve top rankings, and follow these steps to build a successful website

It will be drawing between 500 and 2000 referrals a day from search engines. If you build a good site with

an average of 4 to 5 pages per user, you should be in the 10-20,000 page views per day range in one year’s time.

What you do with that traffic is up to you, but that is more than enough to “do something” with.

GOLDEN RULE #1: Perform Extensive Keyword Research

GOLDEN RULE #2: Start a Competitor Research Grid

GOLDEN RULE #3: Optimize Your Website to be both S.E. Friendly and user-friendly website & Setup your meta tags properly with your target keywords.

Step 1: “Keyword use in document title”

Step 2: “Keyword use in body text”

Step 3: “Keyword use in H1 headline texts”

Step 4: “Keyword use in domain name”

Step 5: “Keyword use in page URL”

Step 6: “Remove hidden, invisible or misspelled text”

Step 7: “Create “scan proof text” copywriting with BOLD and Italics”

Step 8: “No Duplicate Content”

Step 9: “Fix your Doc Type Tag”

Step 10: “Use Of Name Tag”

Step 11: “WIKI-ize your site with same site link texts”

Step 12: “Use Straight HTML Navigation Links on Your Website”

Step 13: “Optimize body copy for proper keyword density”

Step 14: “Validate your HTML code against http://validator.w3.org”

Step 15: “Optimize web page Load Times”

Step 16: “Auto Meta Generators”

Step 17: “Set up a 404 page and 301 page”

Step 18: “Set up proper robots.txt file”

Step 19: Add a site map to your website / Submit your site map to Google

Make your site a “Call to action, Direct Response Site”

Step 1: “Install a Email-a-friend Module”

Step 2: “Install a bookmarking/social networking Module”

Step 3: “Install a Free Report (top 10 reason why…enter email to get it) Module”

Step 5: “Install a Most Popular Articles Module”

Step 6: “Install a Polls Module”

Step 7: “Install a Video Module”

Step 8: “Install an omnipresent Request Info Module in sidebar”

Step 9: “Install a Audio Module”

Step 10: “Install a blog and post updates weekly”

Step 11: “Install a Live Chat module”

Step 12: “Install a Happy Birthday Module”

Step 13: “Install a Commenting System”

Step 14: “Install RSS subscription module to generate repeat visitors”

Step 15: “Install RSS syndication module to syndicate helpful articles on your website – good for SEO benefit”

GOLDEN RULE #5: Make your site “trustworthy” in the eyes of your visitors

Step 1: “Install Security Logos and Web Seals”

Step 2: “Install a Help Desk module”

Step 3: “Install a Testimonials module”

Step 4: “Install a Live Talking Person on your website”

GOLDEN RULE #6: Off Site Promotion

Step 1: “Local Listings! Get your domain listed locally

Step 2: “Setup Google Webmaster Tools Account and Google Analytics”

Step 3: “Leverage the power of social media”

Step 4: “Spread the word around using the free Press Release websites”

GOLDEN RULE #7: Start an inbound/outbound Link Campaign with the Smart Choice Link Manager

GOLDEN RULE #8: Start a forum posting campaign

GOLDEN RULE #9: Create useful articles and post them on your website. Then disseminate them across the internet.

Step 1: “Create keyword rich articles for your website”

Step 2: “Submit articles to article directory websites”

GOLDEN RULE #10: Submit your optimized website to the search engines

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