21 Traffic Generation Ideas

1. Provide quality content, products, or services
2. Give something away
3. Require a referral
4. Create a viral video clip
5. Create a brandable e-book
6. Blog
7. Use social bookmark sites
8. Use an RSS feed
9. Provide free content for other blogs/websites
10. Linkbait
11. Run contests
12.Make it easy for visitors to refer others
13. Make it easy for readers to email the page to a friend
14.Offer a digital game or download that carries your message
15.Offer an e-card/e-comment service
16.Build a community
17.Write articles for ezines and article publishers
18.Employee evangelism
19. Set up an affiliate program to let other people market your product or service.
20. Write press releases
21.Take your marketing offline

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