Hi, my name is Taylor Reaume, The Search Engine Pro.

“Why just build a website, when you can build a business!”
Dear Friends,

Over 81% of consumers are now making purchasing decisions online. What that means to you is that SEO is no longer optional. It’s critical to find someone you can trust to help with SEO. Our goal is to help you increase traffic and present content in a way that compels visitors to take action and convert. End result? More revenue for your company. As with any good advertising vehicle, you should expect 3 times return on any money you spend with our company. We strive to keep our costs very low to help you realize that objective.

SEO is a safe, long term investment. Paying for SEO comes back to you in 2 ways 1. Increased traffic = Increased Value Of Your Site. Similar to home improvements. After all, it’s virtual real estate. 2. SEO work also has a credibility element that many often miss. We help you become the “authority” in your field with articles written by you, and questions answered by you, in the field. Think of us as your online PR company, telling the world about your service or product, through the internet. That’s the world we live in everday. We eat sleep and breathe SEO and online marketing.

We help you drive traffic to your web site. There’s plenty of helpful information at this website to assist you with your own search engine optimizing. Of course, if you want to leave the tedious and techie SEO work to us, we’re more than happy to help. By mentoring our clients, sharing time tested stategies, we aquire long term referral agents for our service. We’re local. We’re personal. We’re professional.

We are The Search Engine Pros – Your One Stop Source For SEO.

“Hey Taylor – so how are you qualified to help me?”


In 1998, I started designing websites. As my business grew, I started to offer SEO services. I became somewhat of a local authority on SEO because word got around that one of my sites was getting over 200,000 unique visitors per month …which led to the sale of the site for six figures in 2007. This gave me the undeniable proof that my SEO methods really worked. No black hat SEO methods – just naturally strong rankings as a result of diligence.

As you can imagine, clients would ask “Can you do that for me?”

“Of course,” was my reply. However, much of the time I was faced with a daunting task. I would look at their website and 8 times out of 10, my heart would sink. You guessed it, their site was abysmally search engine unfriendly. Some had great designs but horrible SEO, and vice versa. It became clear to me that this was one of the great chasms in the e-business industry. The left hand, or, the Design Guy, not talking to the right hand, the SEO guy.

Over the years, building websites and learning about SEO, trying to make my own ‘waves’ on the internet, the ocean of information…I discovered the true meaning of e-business success. “Perfecting e-business is about finding that delicate balance between aesthetics and SEO.” Your site needs to be attractive to both your visitors, and the Google spider as well.


In 2003, I graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Marketing and Economics, and moved down to Seal Beach, CA, where I met up with a mortgage broker in need of a website. Marc Brenner of First Source Financial gave me full control of his web site operation, and with his funding, I built Virtual Mortgage Search, a mortgage lead portal that was bringing in dozens of mortgage leads a day. I was fortunate to meet Marc.

“Taylor, can you come into my office please?”

One morning, the owner sat me down holding a bonus check in hand, expressing his gratitude for my marketing efforts, which had increased the companies bottom line in excess of $630,000 in 1 year. This was a direct result of my web marketing strategy. I won the Top Producer award with his firm 2 years in a row. How did I do it? I read every forum I could find about web site marketing, pay per click campaigns, writing copy, link building, A-B ad strategy etc and applied my own intuition. I turned my car into a university on wheels, listening to Google Adwords Gurus like Perry Marshall and SEO Experts from around the nation. 12-17 hours a day.

I tell you these historical tid bits not to toot my own horn, but to give potential clients an understanding that I have a good foundational knowledge of how to do SEO and Web Marketing. It’s important to understand the background of any SEO consultant as an initial step. I recommend asking the SEO Consultant if they have ever built and sold a web site for six figures, based on their own personal efforts.

You should have complete trust in my team and I that we will take every measure to maximize your return on investment. Our typical client get 2-3 times return on the money they spend with my firm. The Result? Growth. More Revenue. More Success, love and happiness!


In 2006, one of my websites, Loopwise.com emerged as a market leader for online music communities (digital musicians), reaching to 200,000 unique visitors a month, and over 2000 registered musicians with full portfolio’s. Offers came in from American Idol, Sony. I ended up selling Loopwise.com to Jupitermedia.com. The site name was changed to Estockmusic.com and my SEO counsel was retained to help grow the largest music microstock website on the internet eStockMusic.com, which was later purchased as part of a bundle of other stock image and stock music sites for 96 million dollars to Gettyimages. Alan Meckler introduced me to the founder of Getty Images, and a few other prominent web-o-preneurs at the User Generated Content Tradeshow in San Jose 2007, where Alan, Mike Bielenberg (of Royalty Free Music .com) and I exhibited a booth for eStockMusic.com – which was purchased by Getty Images later that year. I was fortunate to meet Alan and Mike. Ahh the good old days.

Shortly thereafter in 2007 I renamed my college startup SEO company from Rise Up Marketing to The Search Engine Pros:

ENTER: The Search Engine Pros Santa Barbara, CA.

With 81% of consumers are now making purchase decisions online, and according to another study, less than 10% of the websites on the net are optimized? Amazing numbers. I thought to myself, “I could help people avoid the mistakes I made in e-business and create a company that is the lowest cost provider on the internet for SEO services.”

In the e-business world, one of the major problems is that people simply don’t know, what they don’t know. This is a common problem in just about any industry. That’s why you have consultants. With e-business though, watch out, because the level of scammers and black hat SEO firms are remarkable.

When the recession hit in 2006, many were losing their jobs, and starting their own businesses, following their dreams–and I saw the need for SEO growing rapidly. “Please demystify this stuff for me!”

I set out to make a website that was ultra-informative, that you could just learn everything you need to know through my website about white hat SEO. It might take awhile, which is why most of my clients just say “Taylor, just do it, I don’t have time to learn SEO.”

When people in the market for SEO Services come by our site and see close to 220 pages of helpful content, and then check out my competitors site of 5 pages and no phone number and broken email link. It’s a “no brainer”.

2010 and BeyondOver the years I’ve studied the biographies and success stories of some of the wealthiest e-business people in the world.

Interestingly, I found 3 common themes.

1. Develop an Attitude of Gratitude. The most successful people I find are those who cultivate a thankful attitude, a useful attitude with their business partners and customers. In addition, they find ways to add value up front. One way we do that at our site is with our SEO TOOLS that help you optimize your site. I’ve seen others charging as high as $500 a month just to access these tools. All 100% free at our site. Other ways are through our whitepapers and case studies on web marketing and seo.

2. Surround Yourself With Professionals. There is an old quote that says: If you think working with a professional is expensive, try working with an Amateur. How many people have lost thousands of dollars after working with an amateur that had “the better price”.

3. Go Niche. Focus your offering into a niche and you will have much greater success. Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, consider being an authority, being really good at one thing. Follow the K.I.S.S. Method. Less Is More.

I have spent a great deal of my life studying these online success concepts. If you have a small business, and you are looking to expand your presence online, simplify your website vision, and increase the traffic to your site by following white hat seo policies. Call me, I am more than happy to help you get on the path to e-business success.

“Tell me about your personal background?”

Personal Background: I love California and I am familiar with many of its cities. Born in San Diego, CA, Our family moved to Arcadia, CA where I spent most of my younger grammar school days attending a Catholic school there called Holy Angels. While in Arcadia I grew up playing just about every sport under the sun, including baseball, soccer, football, tennis and basketball.

During my high school days my family bought a 350 acre ranch in Santa Margarita, CA, which is just outside of San Luis Obispo, where, I attended a Catholic High School called Mission College Preparatory. I played soccer for my high school and won awards for the Most Valuable Player.

After graduating from high school, I went to college up north at Humboldt State University. I spent 5 years attending H.S.U. and graduated in Economics and Marketing, and a minor in Piano. I was the recipient of a 4 year Real Estate Scholarship from the California Association of Realtors while attending H.S.U.

Shortly after that I moved back down to Sunny Los Angeles. I currently reside in Santa Barbara, CA. I come from a large family, and I am very passionate about my family, my friends, and my career as an e-business consultant. I work very hard for my clients. Enthusiasm and Persistence has been the secret to my success.

My time tested approach of strong work ethics, detailed analysis, good communication, and perseverance sets me apart from other consultants. By listening to my clients, then using my extensive knowledge about e-business, I help my clients make the best possible decisions.

I personally guarantee that you will love working with our company. Our goal is to be your partner in e-business and help you succeed online.

To your search engine success!

Taylor Reaume

The Search Engine Pros Founder

Who Are The Search Engine Pros?

The Search Engine Pros offer personal and ethical search engine optimization. Ethical SEO firms on the net are like needles in a haystack. With so many marketing firms to choose from, The Search Engine Pros pride themselves on being one of the few firms that offer effective white hat seo services, at prices that don’t make customers run for the hills. Headquartered in Santa Barbara,CA, we have been a rapidly growing entity since our inception in 2004. The Search Engine Pros is a privately held US-based company that has become an international provider of a proprietary small business Search Marketing services. The Search Engine Pros have empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses to build Web sites that succeed. We are one of the few SEO companies on the net that provide Multilingual SEO Services.

Led by Founder Taylor Reaume, a seasoned e-business consultant, The Search Engine Pros contracts 50 professionals worldwide, from the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and South Africa. The Search Engine Pros continued growth is based on its guiding set of principles:

• Over deliver on customer expectations.

• Empower the customer to succeed.

• Develop cutting-edge proprietary technology.

• Sell at the most competitive price.

As a result of customer success and commitment to “overdelivery,” customer fanaticism is well-known and is The Search Engine Pros greatest pride. Reaume regards loyalty as a two-way street and is firm in his resolution to constantly improve our service with innovations that keep customers in the Top 3% online.

To learn more about us, please visit:

HomePage: www.thesearchenginepros.com

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