I was in your shoes, hunting for great web developers, and online marketing strategies that seemed impossible to find. I searched and I searched, and all I wanted was:

1.) a simple and effective roadmap to follow.

2.) Someone who has been there, and could provide me clear, conscise action steps for delegating to outsourcers.

3.) a price tag that didn’t make me run for the hills.

Perhaps my expectations were set to high (but I don’t think so). As my goal to make it to financial freedom was too precious to entrust to an amateur. And of course, that old quote kept ringing in the back of my mind…”if you think working with a professional is expensive, try working with an amatuer!”

I desperately wanted to find my way to online success, but all I got was a whole bunch of nothing from seo and web firms. So I decided to learn it on my own. 10 years later, here I am, a successful netprenuer.

Located in beautiful Santa Barbara, Ca. I run a web consultancy and seo firm that helps others along the path to e-business success. I hold a free weekly SEO Workshop every Wednesday.

Thank you for inquiring with us at 800.605.4988


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