“Affirmations to Inspire Enhance and Heal” by Sona and Jack Barakitis are meditative MP3s that provide a variety of useful affirmations to aid in the healing of the mind, body, and soul. Each track is backed by a soothing, rhythmic tune that puts you right into a calming, relaxed state of mind. Once you close your eyes and begin to hear the words of various affirmations, these affirmations become a part of you.

Affirmations have been used in all types of meditative and healing practices for hundreds of years. From weight loss to quitting smoking, affirmations are the key for many people to not only have positive way to change their lives, but also have a reminder to continue to look for the positive aspects of life.

“Affirmations” are great MP3s to choose because the tracks make it easy to listen to anywhere. You can take these tracks with you in the car to help relax you during the stressful commute to work. It is also a good tool for relaxing before bedtime. With a positive affirmation in your mind before you drift off to sleep, your attitude can practically change overnight. Others will find it perfect for short or long meditation sessions.

These affirmations are great for children, adults, or anyone else that needs a little bit of motivation and a boost to their self-esteem. And because the affirmations cover a wide range of topics, from relationships and opportunities to the environment around you, there is something for everyone.

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