The angel Inside, Michelangelo’s Secrets for following your Passion.

The Angel Inside, Michelangelo’s secrets for following your passion and finding the work you love.

This book I have to say, it takes the cake. Literally.
The book has stolen the hearts of so many people. it’s a book written to help people discover where they want to go in life.
The difference between this book and so many other “steps to finding your career” type books is, this book is actually a book, it is set off an inspiring story which happened to the author between him and 1 other person for only 1 day, that totally changed his life.

Most people who have also read the book, say the story is moving and uplifting, like the readers lives are being impacted on a dramatic level.

How many books out there can really do that? And the best part is the book is cheap. I’m finding it in online stores for only around 10 to 15$.

For a life moving experience, 10 to $15 really isn’t that big of a sacrifice. People pay thousands for real life experiences. I guess they should have just read the book.

It seems Michelangelo, is going to forever stay a name of men who find places in the hearts of history.

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