Common Subjects In SEO

What is SEO and what are some common subjects related to search engine optimization?

1. Keyword Research
Selecting your keywords
Prioritize your keywords

2. Domain name / Filename
Domain Registration
Keyword in domain name
Keyword in filename
Length of Website Address

3. Keyword Placement
Keyword in title tag
Keyword in Description Meta-tag
Keyword in Keyword Meta-tag
Keyword in Content
H1, H2 and H3 (Heading)
Keyword Font Styles

4.1 Internal Links
Keyword in links to internal site pages
Valid internal links
Efficient linking

4.2 External / Outgoing Links
Quality Links
Inspecting your Links
Title and Description
Limit number of links on a page

4.3 Incoming Links (backlinks)
Quality of Referrer
Trend of link popularity
Anchor Text
Age of Link
Number of Outgoing Links on Referrer Page
Position of Link
Trusted Websites
JavaScript/Flash Links

5. On-Page Factors
Home Page
Over optimization penalty (OOP)
Getting Reported
File Size
Freshness of Pages
Frequency of Updates
Site Age
Dynamic Pages
Texts inside Images
Excess JavaScript
Inline Frames and Frames
Hidden links / texts
Duplicate content
Understandable Content

6. Off-Page Factors
Traffic Buying / Link Schemes
A minimum of one backlink
Buying Links
Server IP Address
Links from bad websites
Server Reliability and Uptime

7. User Activity
Search Engine Traffic
Click through Rate (CTR)
Time spent on page
Monitoring Bookmarks
Leaving the Website

8. Gathering Links
Collecting Links
Unique Content
Press Release
Forums / Guest books / Blogs
Link Exchange

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