Comprehensive List of Search Engines

This is a great little resource we found today…  

Bing Search: Microsoft’s entry into the burgeoning search engine market. Better late than never.
Yahoo! Search: The 2nd largest search engine on the web (as defined by a September 2007 Nielsen Netratings report.
AltaVista: Launched in 1995, built by researchers at Digital Equipment Corporation’s Western Research Laboratory. From 1996 powered Yahoo! Search, since 2003 – Yahoo technology powers AltaVista.
CuilCuil: Cuil was a search engine website (pronounced as Cool) developed by a team of ex-Googlers and others from Altavista and IBM. Cuil, termed as the ‘Google Killer’ was launched in July, 2008 and claimed to be world’s largest search engine, indexing three times as many pages as Google and ten times that of MS. Now defunct.
Excite: Now an Internet portal, was once one of the most recognized brands on the Internet. One of the famous 90’s dotcoms

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  • Wow, I thought I knew of every search engine, but I was surprised at the 3 that I had never heard of. I remember when was around and it was my favorite until google caught up. I strongly believe that there is no search engine that surpasses google. Bing is a decent search engine, however, they drew me in with their point-earning program. The program is nice, but after using their search engine for 1 day, I missed google. Bing gives some of the same results, but I found that half of them were unhelpful and irrelevant versus google that gives 90 percent more of relevant results.

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