Omniture Vs. Google Analytics

A quick list side by side comparison between Omniture and Google, 2 popular website visitor analytics software: (keep bias in mind this was sent by Omniture sales rep)

20 Custom events linked to conversionConversion event – purchase
100 Additional Segmentation variablesI’m not aware of any custom variable availability
22 different Pathing reports filterable by conversion events and customizable on the fly for what-if type analysisA few limited pathing reports
Merchandising CategoriesNot available
Advanced Data Warehouse for granular visitor segment extractionNot available
Reports available at site, category, product, and page level for day, week, month, quarter and yearOnly daily uniques at site level
Open Data Sources architecture for importing offline metricsNot available
Integrated with 3rd party marketing partners for streamlined metric importNot available
Unlimited Campaign Classifications to understand your marketing ROI across all levels of visitor conversionNot available
Purchase conversion down to product level with cross-sell, sales cycle, and customer loyalty metrics out of the boxCommerce funnel tracked at site level, product only viewed by purchase event
Track all of your marketing efforts – paid search, email, banners, affiliates – all in one interfaceOnly paid search
Intuitive, highly flexible and customizable interface.Rigid reporting, not easily customizable
Enhanced dashboard reporting – customizable down to each user with just the appropriate level of detail and sophisticationDashboard cannot be customized
Bookmarked reports and Scheduled distributionNot available
Customizable Alerts allowing you to manage site by exceptionNot available
Dedicated account manager, live support, online tutorials, Omniture UniversityMuch more limited
Real-time Data processed continuallyData batch processed Hourly

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