Taylor Reaume Speaking at UCSB’s "Careers In Online Marketing and Social Media" on 5/15/2012
Taylor Reaume - The Search Engine Pros Founder

Taylor Reaume, founder of Santa Barbara marketing company Search Engine Pros will be a panelist at UCSB’s “Careers In Online Marketing and Social Media” presentation. The event is expected to be a highly valuable and rewarding experience for UCSB students. The panel will be held on Tuesday, May 15th from, 4:00-5:30pm @ Career Services, Building 599, Room 1109.

Each panelist will have 10-15 minutes to cover the following:

How did you get to where you are?
What does your career path look like?
What/who influenced you to choose this type of work?
Are you still in this field?
What barriers might students face wishing to enter this field?
How did you overcome any of these barriers?
What tips would you give to students wishing to enter this field?
Do they need special training or expertise in a certain area?

**There will be Q&A from the students immediately following the panel discussion**

Taylor will speak to the importance of internships and explain how they provide essential “transferrable skills” and clarity with your career path.

Students interested in Search Engine Pros Santa Barbara marketing internship may apply at :

For more information contact The Search Engine Pros at 800-605-4988 or Emily White Career Counselor, Career Services, University of California, Santa Barbara (805)-893-4412 http://career.ucsb.edu

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