Increase web site traffic with seven innovative new search engine marketing techniques! Join us for an hour filled with interesting conversations about online business. Each week we discuss 7 new ways to increase web site traffic. With over 81% of consumers making purchase decisions online, web sites are no longer optional. If you have a good product or service, then driving traffic to your site is a matter of SEO strategy. Taylor Reaume, Search Engine Pros Founder, will discuss SEO and Web marketing and spark conversations amongst the attendees.


1. Strategic Content: What’s the difference between regular content, relevant content, strategic content?

2. Fresh Content: Why does fresh content help my Google Rankings?

3. Life Streaming: What is life streaming and how can it help my business?

4. Video: Why does video help my rankings?

5. Links = Votes For Your Site: What are the best kinds of links and how do they help rankings?

6. Xobni Why do I need this social media tool for Outlook?

7. Yoono: Why do I need this social media tool for Firefox?

If you are not optimizing your website for natural search, you are missing out on the most cost effective method to increase web site traffic. A natural search strategy is a must have for the modern webmaster, and search engine optimization has become a crucial marketing technique in light of the explosion in popularity of search engines over the past decade. The majority of searches for products and services now begin with a search engine, and customers are less and less inclined to trust websites that do not rank well in search engines. The search engine is increasingly being seen as the ultimate testament for a product or service; the best way to increase web site traffic is to make sure your site ranks well.

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